the machine.....

the video is about capitalism and the COVID 19 crisis. how people kept warning us to prepare for pandemics but there was no profit in it and how the pandemic has been handled.
should the machine be turned on (or we replace it with Samaritan), should things go back to normal, should we try to change things for the best or should we just let humanity take its course?



Let’s replace with Samaritan.

always thought the machine had our best interest in heart/mind/CPU/ram…

Better than the people running the government.

Salo ya kwft imeingia

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]You do realise those same people program the machines

so the best we can do is to program the machines to program the machines…

Naah, they are just verbal and noisy, they lack the skills to do so. The ones who have the skills are quiet Introverts.

Persons of identity… Good series ever

Person of Interest.
good series, shame it was canceled but some people say that Westworld series might be a continuation but of a world with Samaritan.

Yes persons of interest

Westworld doesn’t have the umf that person of interest had. PoI we followed like chasing a highness.

Ni pocket amepewa na mamake.

that’s exactly what everybody is saying but for me, I take them as two different series.
I like Westworld more since it gives me a more realistic view of the world; are we/I a Guest or a Host and am I living in the real world or in a world built in some room.

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]The best we can do is dial back the innovativeness/Laziness and encourage a duty conscious culture, may take a billion or so years to rip out the hedonistic Kenyan culture. But it’s far better than a Matrix lifestyle.

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]I am introvert but I’m quite the evil motherfucker, social interaction styles do not necessarily reflect dark behavior

You are a loud Introvert :smiley:

Pewa Jug Daniels ingine kwa bill yangu.

True. Westworld started well but season 2 disappointed. Killed my enthusiasm and that’s why am not concerned with the new season 3. PoI was captivating all through.