the luos do not need raila...


God, why did you put me in the same country with such incoherent monkeys? Why, mungu wangu? Nitolee this bitter pill baba…

Maandamano without mganga would be palatable

Simple solution

@Mrs. Chantel kuja malisa hii nugu

They’ll be pepetwad mercilessly without Agwambo’s support.

uko 90 years na bado unauza mkia ghassia

If the so called handshake didn’t wake you to the reality that baba completely lost his way hauna bahati.

Senile old ghaseeer husikii life vile imekua hard under JSKS ? Why yap like a fool ? Overtaxation to pay bloated Meno nje appointees to various parastatals as they prepare massive historical looting . We need our lake brothers . Are the rioting Israelites and french dogs also bad ? They are fighting for their right Mzee mkongwe mushienzi

Watch this Space carefully …

One Greater than BABA soon commeth …
The Nameless One will arrive quietly on the Political Stage …

And the real transformation of this Nation will begin …:D:D

Kagege, that patriot is fighting for you so that you can have affordable unga, fuer, white cap etc. Also ndio mlipwe your old age pension that jsks amekataa kulipa. But your hate can’t let you see these things.

Hata kazini there are those brave ones who lead the strike ya payrise while some stupid workers, the bootlickers claim they are being inconvenienced by the strike while at the end of the day all workers, even those tugeges, will enjoy the payrise fought for by the brave warriors.

If brave warriors like jomo, jaramogi, matiba, raila etc never fought for us we would not be having independence, multipartism, devolution, term limits etc.

So always respect the brave and visionary 1% that is ready to lead and put their lives on the line to save the docile 99% boot lickers happy with the status quo and suffering under the status quo.

These monkeys deserve a bullet to the brain

sawa uncle tom… labda hosora atangusha mchere kwa floor ulambe and thank him for his generosity

Malisaa hii kagege mzee

I don’t eat mchele unless ni pilau with chicken

Maandamano would have my complete support if they were citizen-led/organized and peaceful.
The fact that they are dictated, organized, funded, and cancelled by one old wizard tell you they have nothing to do with the plight of Kenyans.

Just the usual tool of blackmail to get into government.

[SIZE=5]No Handshakes …
BABA is Indespensible UNTIL the next “Messiah” comes along … [/SIZE]:D:D


“Muchere Na Nyama” is only for certified “Shareholders” …[/SIZE]:D:D

[SIZE=5]You were all conned by these "Shareholding " Hustler Conmen …
Now …
Wait patiently for 2027 …

WAJINGA NI NYINYI …!!! :mad::mad:[/SIZE]