The luckiest and smartest investors in Africa ..bonobos could never



Nasper’s stake is now worth over 200 billion dollars .
*For those who dont know ,Naspers is a South African company founded and run by Whites .

David Manning said it best

Hii stori sio siri… Naspers wako sawa. their parent company PROSUS and itself are run as one… I have been following them closely for a while now

Why you following them?

Why you following them?

Because they have South African roots and I am interested in borrowing a leaf or 2 from their investment book

Naspers ndio walikuwa the main shareholders of Multichoice aka DSTV. The founder of Dstv Koos Becker is today the Chairman of Naspers.

In 1983 as a student studying in the U.S he came up with the idea of M-NET and later went back home to S.A and pitched it to Naspers execs who invested money into that dream.

Meanwhile Naspers itself was founded in 1915 by the most racist boers in South Africa. It started as a racist newspaper known as Die Burger that supported their segregation cause.

So when you pay for DSTV those are the people you are paying i.e the descendants of Afrikaners.

As a major media conglomerate, Naspers newspapers were the propaganda machine for Apartheid.

Hii historia yote tunajua …So what was your point once again in relations to the fact that Naspers invested in a Chinku company and made billions .