The Looong Road to Raila Presidency winding down

Those of us who have been die hards, it’s been a loooong journey for us . The road to State House has been brutal and emotional. Looks like it’s finally coming together for our man. Baba.

Atapigwa tu sweep bado…

Ghasia huyu tunamtuma Bondi once and for all. Ile shock atapata itamuua. Tumechoshwa ni wapi iliandikwa lazima akuwe president.
Huyu akisimama na man from Sugoi ni walkover. Tunapita na yeye by saa tatu atakuwa ako londiani akielekea kabondo kasipul.

In the last 3 presidential elections, can waKibaki and waMuingai claim to have won elections fairly and squarely, against one Amollo Odinga ?

This guy had clearly won in 2007, the rest is debatable

Yes, Raila won in 2007 and quite frankly, that was his last real chance at the presidency. He should have stuck to his guns and sworn himself in at Uhuru park on or around Dec 29, 2007. But he surrendered and gave in to the nusu mkate thing which ended up being his coup de grace; at this point there is almost no chance Odinga will ever be president. I fail to see how BBI or whatever other concoction they come up with will propel him to power. He’s just being pacified.

Right now, we would be refugees or most probably dead. It is a good thing he chose the nusu mkate route.

Two years is a long time in politics. Ruto might find a political godfather in Central, Raila might get tired of his quest, or a third force might emerge.

I would not analyze Kenyan politics on such simplistic terms

So how can anyone expect a different result from the same system?

Wasapere hawawezi pigia Raira kura hata mungu ashuke awaambie. 60 years of poisoning their minds haitaruhusu .

Yes we won fairly. That why in every jakom says ita ibiwa.

Kwenda uko. I told yoy mungiki your support to raila was bonoko