The lie told about slavery.

We have been told that slavery was absolutely terrible and that the founders of America were slave owners who were bigots.

Recently we have seen the statues of these founders being thrown into rivers.

We have read and even watched Roots … we have also watched 12 Years A Slave and felt very bitter.

We know the massa, his beard and his whip.

But I have one question, how comes the microphone is never passed to the other side so they can speak their minds?

The grandchildren of the white Southerners, they must know something about their grandparents. Records were kept, stories were passed along.

And if slavery was so terrible and the conditions were so devastating, how comes many blacks WILLINGLY remained in the South even after liberation?

Were all the massas, devils as we are often told in the books?

Are you telling me that every mzungu slave owner kept slaves and abused them, never educated them or fed them and still moved around and professed Christianity???

There are very many coloured people in the south yaani half caste, it can’t have been all rape!! They can’t all be the product of white massas raping black women.

And how comes there are no other witnesses to this black slavery?

I have never heard a Chinese or Red Indian interviewed about what they witnessed concerning slavery from that era. And yet Chinese folks and Native Americans were very much present. In fact Native Americans were the first slaves before Africans were shipped in.

Don’t you think that maybe some of these so called slaves participated willingly in the founding of America? And proof of this is that they willingly fought in the white man’s army.

For instance you have heard of the Tuskegee Airmen from Alabama who fought for the U.S in WW2.

They were from Alabama and Alabama was ground zero for slavery. (Both black and Indian slaves.)

Why would you as a black man from Alabama WILLINGLY enlist to fight for white people and yet we are told that the South was truly a terrible place???

I mean why would you choose to enlist for the white massa’s army???

Why did these black southerners WILLINGLY compete in the olympics on behalf of America?

The very famous Jesse Owens from OAKVILLE ALABAMA. Running for America in Berlin and shaming Hitler.

Why and how did these Southern blacks also become great and wealthy entertainers? Who was this who was buying their music starting from the mid 1800s to the 1920s?

There were also many blacks who worked on the Manhattan project as well as the early space programs and they were from the South and worked alongside White Southerners in those programs …

You have all watched this movie. These 3 lovely, genius mathematicians were from the South :

How did all these black Americans from the South get educated if the South was indeed so terrible???

We have been told that blacks were not allowed in schools… how did MLK get his PhD in the South???

The picture set out there about slavery is that all whites were the devil and that blacks had zero rights and that none of them wanted to stay in the South, and that all blacks were forced to build that country called America against their will… and that blacks were not allowed to have any wealth… is this narrative 100% true?

Unfortunately we never heard directly from the slaves themselves. All we hear today is this second version of the story from well educated, civil rights activists who were never slaves in the first place.

Hii ignorance inakuwanga na Wakenya wengine ni mbaya…
stories about slavery are documented well, how they were captured and transported,how they lived and died and the liberation.
Depends on what you want to feed yourself with depending on your inferiority complex.

The Brutality and the inhuman nature of slavery is no debate… and many honest descendants of the slave owners never deny that.

But if you want to start arguments about slavery , they are several points you can dwell on to display your skill “as a public intellectual”…
1.The numbers - millions were enslaved from Africa, and we only have estimates, some estimates are over and above
2.The focus on only the Atlantic slave trade whereas many slaves were captured from the East Coast of Africa to Arabia too. and it lasted for a longer time.
3.Most slaves were sold to the slave traders by the Africans… prisoners of war, other criminals and other unfortunate people.

Documented and recorded by who?

You have called these documentors “honest” descendants. These “honest” descendants were not slaves, they are activists.

Activists who clearly want people to fight.

There were former slaves who were alive in the 1910s and1920s. These activists never bothered to record them on camera or sound capturing devices which were in existence because these slaves might say the wrong things.

They might start saying, “My massa was kind and even educated my chilluns…”

And that is a story that the activists would never want you to hear.

Homo_patco leo utanyonya mjulus kwa bei gani?

I have found this old recording of Aunty Harriet Smith a former slave.

She says that the white massa was not bad to her. And that blacks used to dance regularly. This again goes against the narrative of brutal slavery.

Aunt Harriet didn’t witness beatings . She also says that blacks went to the same church as whites!!

This goes against the narrative which said that blacks went to church under a tree.

Check these Slave Narratives here:[SIZE=7] [/SIZE][SIZE=4] [/SIZE]

@T.Vercetti . Have you read about Harriet Tubmann. Do you know she suffered from a brain injury inflicted upon by a slave owner?

A bit


Below is a Diary from a slave master: It references the bit shown in the video above




I think you are a troll …

Now explain this :

Even today there are brutal masters and there are kind masters.

If you throw hot water at your maid, you are a brutal master.

Now explain this :

I have Googled Harriet Tubman and I believe I read a story about her some time back.

Wikipedia describes her as a political activist.

Yes she was born into slavery but she was also an activist. These activists labeled all whites devils.

To this day it is from their perspective only that this story of slavery is told.

If a slave comes out and gives a contradictory version of the story to what we are used to hearing, he or she is not considered a true slave.

@T.Vercetti you are an idiot and a troll, there is modern day slavery in areas like the gulf region. Why don’t you go get enslaved then give us feedback on how it feels.

Don’t be angry I’m just telling you facts.

In fact some black Americans, owned slaves :

Blacks owning blacks, in the U.S!

Tommy Vercetti, chattel slavery (European slavery) was a major deviation from the usual slavery of the old days.

The Bible records that Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave. He went on to become very powerful and influential in his days. This Bible story is important to understand slavery in the old days.

In the not-so-old days, and closer to home, Malik Ambar - born Chapu, was sold to slavery by his parents. They sold him because they wanted him to have a better life than them. They were starving due to famine. The guy built an empire in the Indian Deccan during his lifetime. He became a royal.

Just here in Kenya, the Maasais and Kikuyus used to adopt ‘slave children’ from starving communities and make them their ‘sons’. This also happened when someone’s son was killed and the payment had to be by a male slave.

Then we have the people we call ‘maids’ in our country. This is also a form of slavery. So as you can see, slavery is not always terrible. But in the case of Chattel Slavery - it was terrible in every imaginable way. Mainly because people were treated like stock a.k.a PROPERTY.

If you want to know the origin of “stocks and bonds” in modern finance btw, it lies in European slavery. The original stocks and bonds were human.

Europeans came up with the concept of ‘racial hierarchy’ and that’s where the whole problem lies. Not even the Arabs treated their slaves us subhuman regardless of what European history wants you to believe.

With your retarded logic, whats your take on marrying a 13 year old girl? Is it okay because she has a vagina or because she is not a virgin?

Yes slavery was complicated but activists don’t tell the whole truth.

I have read stories of freed slaves who couldn’t find work or food and ended up worse than when they were slaves. So they became what is known as share croppers.

A terrible life. Share cropping simply means becoming a slave to a poor farmer.

So they were freed by Lincoln from the rich farmer and became slaves to the poor farmer. The worst life ever.

They were free but in reality remained slaves to poverty to this very day.

I only found out recently that before abolition, all the slaves in the South were owned by 25% of Southerners. Cc @Purple , @Simiyu22 , @Tony254

The whole South is blamed for the crimes of a few rich Southerners!

Because poor whites who were the majority couldn’t afford slaves. Slaves were ordinarily owned by rich guys who owned massive plantations. And in that plantation were indentured white servants who came and went after paying their debts.

So these black guys were later replaced with tractors, but no one asks where they went.

So you are accepting that slavery was brutal to black people. Which is counter to your original post.

Are you forgetting that a slave was a person with no rights in society. He was more of a commodity than a human being. Being a democratic country , the rest of the 75% did not press for their rights. That means they were complacent with the brutal treatment and torture of the black people. They were ok with it. They elected officials and didnt press them to change the laws. And so they take the blame.

I didn’t read what you wrote, or at least didn’t understand!! But my opinion is Africans consciously or not, wanted to be slaves!! The same way majority still are!! Slaves to higher powers, be it religion, Chinese debt, elites etc