I’m just from the library to pick for my kid story books and as I went through the books I found a whole line of Enid Blyton’s famous five series .I smiled automatically. I loved this books and cant wait for my kid to discover them. I started reading quite early and I read my first Nancy Drew in class three. I think I read each and every of this books .Secret Seven was another series that I loved. as I grew up my scope grew too. I introduced my first born to reading and she still does so today though most of the books today are online on E-readers .the workers of our local library knew us and soon we had read almost all the books that could be read(I have never brought myself around to reading ROOTS though).the young one already likes reading though she is too hyper to concentrate on long reads. Are you a member of your local library?if not for you do it for your kid inculcate in them the culture of reading and school will be easy.

I liked secret 7 as well. And the hardy boys - interesting sleuths… Takes me way back to class 6 in 1996 :slight_smile:

James Hadley chase,unge wank na hizo cover photos

Add to that Nancy Drew and Goosebumps.

Good ol’ days

Interview With The Vampire, love that stuff. People who read on tablets and such shit, are you normal??

I had forgotten about hardy boys.kuna books mbili , THE GOLDEN GONDOLA na THE TOTEMPOLE za either sectet 7 au famous five sijawahi sahau.good old days they were

me and you can also make our sunset years also to be good

Mine boy,petals of blood etc

Naona nyinyi mlisoma vitabu za wazungu tu.
PACESETTERS and Moses series by Barbara Kimenye(RIP) kept me entertained.
Dont think kids these days will get that reading culture.

they will if you show them the way … interest them in the stories

ile siku nitapata books zote written by Dan Brown nitakua nasema nimefika, vile kumesemwa hapo juu watoto ni kutrainiwa na kuzoeshwa kusoma

Start them when they are young. I was introduced to Nancy Drew by my mother and Hardy boys by a classmate.

Huku mitandaoni zipo bro. Av you read @Da Vinci code, angels and demons, inferno among others. They are so nice.

Na Archie (Si ile mnajua Eng. ArchiBALD Ochieng), Tintin na Asterix. Plus kuna series ilikua ya combi ya Nancy Drew na Hardy Boys. Naona mnawakumbuka. Mtu kama uwes alianza kusoma Mills & Boons ndio ako na umama hivyo.

Bought my daughter kindle e- reader haiweki chini hata amesahau cartoons.

Ulipandishwa cheo ukakua Assistant IG? Kiuliso tu ama hongo Dec zimekua mob.

Watu wa mandas motoo

Kasee why,i always reward my kids for good performance and this one preformed well in class seven last year this year aki perform class eight iko reward tena.

Wapi nation Nelson?

i have only read the DAVINCI CODE as matter of fact i have hard copy of it.hizo zingine ndio bado natafuta sana