The Legend In Flesh: Motivation

Hii ni sawa lakini the only person mimi natambua ni Mike Tyson pekee

ur guy Tyson is doing an exhibition with his long time rival holyfield soon. But thats another sport; huku basket unatambua nani??

This is my guy here…

Huku basket? Unasema nini ofisa

Huku Basketball cause the OP put up a thread on Michael Jordan the greatest player of all time. You commented on Boxing on the other hand… ndio nakuuliza unatambua nani hii side ya basketball

Sijui na apana tambua basketball … natambua Mike Tyson. Hata ukiniuliza who is the best president nitakuambia ule mtu mimi natambua ni Mike Tyson

then you must have watched this doc from youtube; it also made me identify him as one of the greatest in boxing despite his shortcomings like everyone else.