the law is for the poor and those not in authority

COURT SETS free 2 traffic policemen from Makuyu accused of soliciting bribes on the road, hands back their Sh36,000 cash citing weak evidence.

D Maraga courts.
Mutunga should have got an extension.
This SDA adherent is a total failure.
Na mtu asikuje hapa kusema ati si Maraga amemake judgement.

i can just imagine how Those two Pambas are laughing all the way to the nearest bar

Kenya de :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Judges and Magistrates have been running circles around this man from Kisii for a long time. Mutunga was an Administrator, and that’s what we need for the next CJ.
We also need to re-look this BS called National balancing. If my mind serves me right, Maraga was number 3 or 4, after being interviewed by JSC.
It’s unfair to this country, when one comes out as the best, in a rigorous exercise of public vetting, only to be denied the chance because he comes fr certain rrgions.

Is it the judge or prosecution that failed in this case? Isn’t this a case of kina @pamba protecting their own

The prosecution is to blame. Criminal prosecutions in Ke. are a big joke. From poor evidence collection to preference of charge etc

traffic police are worse than highway robbers !

Probably prosecutor didn’t do his/her job well.


But the arresting officers and investigators are from eacc?

There’s this unwritten rule that goes, if you cross into someone’s compound, at least have the courtesy of paying for your intrusion to avoid any trouble.

this is the case.

You can’t argue with those facts

Soma hekaya ya @maasai 101 kule South Sudan.

South Sudan ? Kabete and kasarani traffic police are worse !

I’d take my chances with a corrupt cop rather than armed banditos outta Kapedo.

Wait just one moment. Are you saying it is the DPP’s responsibility to COLLECT EVIDENCE? WRONG.

This is what happens:

The Police [DCI] collects and maintains evidence and even books…i mean, bonds witnesses to attend court. Have you not seen the I Os coming to court and leaving with the Police files and exhibits? Maybe you have not.

The DPP’s work is to first analyse the evidence to confirm whether it can sustain the charge and then present it in court. If crucial original documents are plucked from the police file, which happens a lot, how is that the prosecution’s fault?

There are two copies of files ; court file and police file which a duplicates .

Please confirm that when it comes to files during prosecution of cases, the DPP relies SOLELY on the documents presented by the Police what they call “the Police file”.