The laughing thread

It is a good Saturday morning. Just tag any Jubilee supporter and laugh. especially @spear . Let’s go!!!
@spear :D:D:D:D:D:D

@Motokubwa Liwe liwalo :D:D:D

@Motokubwa and his sex slave @uwesmake lichoti
Mkono imeanguka!




@Finest wine[ATTACH=full]304067[/ATTACH]

You can tag the same person twice: @spear :D:D:D

@Circledot [ATTACH=full]304068[/ATTACH]

@mayekeke [ATTACH=full]304069[/ATTACH]

@spear [ATTACH=full]304070[/ATTACH]


Liwe liwalo, msione simba kanyeshewa mdhani ni paka

@sani banaaa







Mnaulizaga @spear nini,a man garra eat

Mnakuwanga na kaujinga :D:D

Get ready for teargas. We have enough stock

@Finest wine :D:D:D:D:D

I am quids in. Now get a life…