The latrine hole we call a nation.


Anataka kulitter na kukunia kwa barbara ju analipa taxes

I don’t know what these hustler idiots want. Good moves being made and a mother like @ChifuMbitika is here complaining. It’s not like the county workers won’t participate in the cleanup exercise,… They do it in Rwanda too, if you don’t feel like doing it stay home and wank as usual Hakuna mtu atakuuliza chochote

the other day i asked if that amounts to double taxations ? for instance , if my tap runs dry, and i have to buy water , should the county government give me a refund ?

This is a PR nonsense.

@ChifuMbitika hapa sikuungi mkono

Mandatory for residents to clean the city but not mandatory for the county management to give us the services we pay them for?

That’s what I wonder. We pay taxes for the government to provide dust bins and collect litter. Why do I have to close my business for a whole day to do the work I have paid for?!


Mbiti you are a habitual complainer.

And most probably one of those who throw bottles, chewed mango remains, mala empty containers, banana peels out of moving vehicles …

Mimi kama bazenga vile nilikuwa nimeenda vacation huko ma yolo niliona by laws za huko make it your responsibility to do maintainace around you property. Snow removal on pavements in front and behind your property, lawn maintainace, taka taka ovyo ovyo kwa property yako na unachapwa na ticket watu wajiheshimu. Bonobo ingeweza inge-demand serikali to wipe his ass juu analipa tax ya tissue. Ata @Bingwa angedai serikal imuoshe mkundu juu analipia maji ya kanjo

I wonder what’s soo bad about taking a little responsibility?


uhuru kenyatta is already a failed president,and a thief too. hope the next president and his government won’t eat money meant to clean up cities.

The kafamend must clean the streets. We are cleaning our compounds

In a way I agree with him. What’s so hard with setting up mechanisms to allow a clean city.

Dustbins should be 50 metres from each other.

It should be criminal to litter with fines.

Businesses should organize waste disposal/ collection whether for recycling or incineration. They should be responsible for takataka generated from their premises.

Kwanza rentals zenye humwaga sewage kea street should be penalized. Get exhausted services instead of polluting the envt.

Unless the exercise is to foster unity it may be pointless to clean the city if no mechanism to maintain cleanliness.