The Latest Fitness Regime

I have spotted several ladies doing this… In full workout gear unabeba backpack na unaanza kutembea.

Question is what’s in the bag? Or could they be walking home after work? Am I missing out on this fitness movement? Please enlighten me…

@Unicorn eti ulionwa na backpack ukitembea ngara na umeva mguo za gym

hebu weka mbicha (this…) tukuelewe tafadhali

Sorry was in traffic…I’ll post mbisha tomorrow… But “this” are everywhere

Maybe they are just well prepared for walk of shame the next day…:D:p

You should invite me for a sleepover aka wa kulala nisipitwe!

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Last time I bothered to check…chics carried these “gunia ya makaa” sized bags which were christened “mpaka Monday”…and for a good reason too.

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And the workout gear?

Never seen that…acha tungoje @Supu don amalize squad ya Umoinner halafu atuambie…vuta stool.


Haha @Female Perspective uko sure sio real story yako

wamevaa baika? haha

I have a friend who puts weights in the backpack akitembea… Hii kitu ilianza kitambo

eti friend… sema tu ni wewe

I have friends you know;)

A beautiful lady like you i cannot take to my humble home…we shall go Best Western…where in the morning you and i can have intercontinental breakfast (of shame!)

ati kufanya nini O.o

ukuyu imekataa kumtoka kabisaaaaaaaaa:D

Please I typed this in a hurry…nike?

Walking with a weight on your back makes the body use more energy thus burn more calories. PS, am not a doctor and I didn’t Google this .

oooh sasawa calm thy teats