The late TZ billionare Mengi made one hell of a smart move

Leo I was browsing around youtube and I stumbled on Jacqueline Mengi’s interview; she’s the young hot widow of Reginald Mengi. That billionare had fine taste!! The woman is not only most beautiful woman you’ll ever see, but, she’s also hella smart and articulate! Now this the kind of woman a billionaire marries – a beauty who packs big brains. She building her own businesses, has cute and smart kids, and at 40 she’s still as sexy as a mutherfucker. Enjoy…

Yeah building her businesses with his capital.

Why not

Upuss huyo klyn alitombwa na kina Ay na chameleon

Until she takes a dip…

Stop trying to validate post-wall women. Walisema 36 years ni shosho mzee.

really? :D:D

That’s how it be on these streets. :D:D Over 25 yrs is considered geriatric.

Our feminized society is trying too hard to trick men into accepting post-wall women - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk

This forum is really helpful on some issues, but if not careful you can form biases that can mess you up…
1.Old vs Young ladies
2.Single mums vs Virgins


Would definitely smash. What is it about older women that is so attractive? These youngins are so childish, mtu anacrave tu stable emotions and a cool head.


Call it whatever but the lady is intelligent and fits into where she positioned herself.
Unlike some slay queens who would just kick back and enjoy the old man’s wealth, she built her business out of his support, which is actually a thing normal people do. You help your spouse reach their dreams or aspirations or anyone you are able to if you have the means.
Some people here just salty because the lady’s smart and pretty.

This one is an outlier, otherwise the rule holds true still.

Beta male. Stop validating post wall kungurus!


Men thank you a lot. How old are you?? I wouldn’t mind drowning in your coochie if you have an ass to boot.

Been a fan for over a decade. Beauty+Brains.