THE last white male northern rhino is dead

SUDAN, THE last white male northern rhino dies aged 46 at Ol Pajeta Conservancy in Laikipia; only 2 female such rhinos now remain.

Ni mzee lakini angejaribu afikishe threshold tuachie na tuClichy tuwili hivi.

waah, can stem cell research re-establish such extinct species?

What next,extinction for the white Rhino?

What the…i hope they preserved his sperms. RIP Sudan

@uwesmake uweshad suggested clonning in South Korea.

Iko hapo chini Gathee.

hiyo ngombe ilikuwa expensive sana ku keep alive, na hata haiwes fikisha threshold

I thought South Sudan has one white Rhine as well

It joins many other extinct species. Going by its looks I believe it has outlived its epoch. It seems to be from the Jurassic or the cretaceous. It is a very primitive animal existing on basic instincts.

hata kama men are colour blind, is that animal white?

The white/black in the rhino names is actually a misnomer. It’s has nothing to do with the colour but their feeding habits.
The white rhino is a grazer thus has a wide mouth but in days gone by tourists from different European countries couldn’t pronounce ‘wide’.
The black rhino is a browser thus a narrower mouth.

can someone explain how ziliuliwa worldwide zikabaki moja

sparta blonde moments

OOh really??? i loved it when we went to a visit to Olpejeta now dont tell me its dead

black mamba ain’t black …

selfishness and greed of men has led to the extinction of the northern white rhino .Our love for money will be the beggining of our destruction and doom .

Sweet lord!! are you always this dumb ama ni teriffic tuesdays?theres white nile,yellow river,red sea,blue mountains,black sea,golden monkey,red indians white people and black dudes and none of that is what it is

Ita was actually ‘widj’ for wide ,sounded like ‘white’ to them right tho

Obviously they have his sperms under liquid nitrogen for preservation but scientists all over the world have been trying A.I and in vitro fertilization when the mzee was still alive to all in vain.
I suspect due to his age it had low sperm count for successful fertilization.
I hope tomorrow’s technology will know what to do with the preserved sperms,…

heshma idumu prisss