The last time I enjoyed Church : Mwaka Mweru

Having gotten out of a major entertainment spot in the town at that time, Eel, tulistroll polepole hadi the Next Club, Vivians. Opposite Elburgon Police Station. Vivians was the cradle of Ratchetry in this small town. Happens that on that day,

We didn’t want to offend the guy in the clouds more than we already had and we wanted the stars to favor us for the new year so we opted to continue with the stroll, away from ultra-sin, do not mind that we were severely intoxicated. Na ilikua saa ya Polisi, malaya na wezi.
200 meters on the right side of the road, just before the railways crossing and at the beginning of the hill towards Timsales Factory sokoro is the largest church in Elburgon town. A mega church with a pastor with connections to those rich US tele-evangelists. So Pastor had decided to host the Biggest religious gig in the Town. Mind you, this is a small Rural town on the periphery of Nakuru, so people get excited over some sht that may seem not very exciting to people from places with more exiting sht.
So Tukaingia church. Judging by the moods, guys were expecting a Mzito. Kinda like when "MaYout’" wanategea Chronix pale Canivore. Kidogo Kidogo, Hezeh Ndung’u ndo huyo akirukaruka hapo na Kilemba.

Na si hawa wakorino wako na Stamina.

Koreans call it primitive energy. I call it the Power of Melanin. It was in plenty that day. The excitement was so infectious I had to surpress the urge to shout “Allahu Akbar” out of excitement. Especially considering the chances of those villagers descending on me with Njoras and Kahius na venye they were anticipating Mwaka Mweru.
So in the intoxication, we enjoyed those aKorino vibes into the Mwaka Mweru and I have never enjoyed church better than that day again. I actually became an agnostic a year or two later and have never stepped in church again. It was in 2006, 11 years ago.

Juu ya hio story, and for pure entertainment value, Kuleni hii all time favorite aKorino Vibe.


Once saw/met this Heze having a Brandy pale jambo Grill, …hawa kodoos sii kondoo WA ukweli sanaa… Nliona kahiki understanding hapo pia…


Umeongea kuhusu elburghon it reminded me a book called "The winner and other stories "

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Hehehehe, In the Bible, Noah got drunk and walked naked, Jesus changed water into penasol, He is following the true path.



The noise,the pandemonium that is akorino services sioni how that can be enjoyable.


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Roast house was his favourite spot years back

Kwani corinthians wakifika campus huwa Hawa graduate, I’ve never seen one, ama masomo yao huishia wapi?
Asking for @Ole_Wenu

na yule alikuwanga DG wa NEMA?


I schooled in that sleepy town…
When the forest was thick n cattle rustling was real!
Hotel EEL was the in thing then.
Always walked on that railway line to n fro church every sunday for four years.
Nostalgic memories!
When Naivas was just rongai self service !


The guy who heads Coast Water si ni mokorino?

In high school we had one by the name Benja., alifika K.U kama amesare kilemba

Akorino wako kwingine ama ni Kenya exclusive ?

Sikhs meffi