The last time I enjoyed African music this much, P-Square walikua kusema.

You know shit is lit when the basslines drop. The adlibs. Enyewe if you churn out original content you can revolutionise the music industry. And Kenyan artist keep womdering what they doing wrong.
Personally, I am not a fan of Afrobeats coz they are kinda slow and boring in my opnion, save for a few songs. But this Amapiano thing is a straight hit!;list=PLb8u4dcPV0XMEEjl1_rd-TmMKRYuTc34a;list=RD0SESe7M9XtY

Nice one ata nkulunkulu is another good one

The talent

Immensely creative. Apa ndo unajua Omuafrika akiamua kuweka akili yake kwa kitu maze he can outshine other races

That’s the spirit

sva the dominator

dj aplex will be everyone’s fav in a few years to come. one sick mofo on the boards

although house music, where all kwaito stems from, is European to the core

Yeah I was dissecting the beata to the core and I immediately recognized House Music, which I am also a big fan of by the way. They juat took it to the level and added some jumpy stuff. Ata Black Coffee alikua anaspecialize in such