The Last of Us Part II!

Oh please note this won a Grammy 2011 N yes it’s from a game that was released in 2005 and it’s the swahili version of the Lord’s prayer

I just realised u won’t know why I picked this is cause if you see the performance is no joke this shit is performed by a large ochestra

Just checkd around it is possible there is one cause rain isn’t playable yet hi is in the story line that’s my opinion.Ed boon is such a troll we have to just sit back and wait

If the audio budget was 2.5 milli, how about the visuals budget?

I didn’t say more why are you stuck on that. I just told you its an investment that helps in the audio-visual experience.have you ever done -started a business project costing more doesn’t equate to importance.Seriously do u try and be dumb.Ps google it yourself if you think 2.5 mill investment in audio is nothing for a game which is in the forgotten archives.

When MKXL was released it was made to look as though it was the final version of the game. No more KPs, skin packs etc. I won’t buy anything short of MKXI. Let MKX go. They already got sacks of dough from it… and the micro transactions, online pay to play… The fvck is gaming coming to.

Tell me about bought the xbox 1 version …hommie doesn’t buy a few months back at his place kwa desktop MKXL niko like bullshit huu mse ameget all characters thru piracy.Nilifeel mbaya sana we didn’t play it kabisa atakama najua graphics itakuwa better just the pain was too much.Kubebwa fala sivuzuri especially second round they fucked me over on Injustice bought the xbox 360 version kuja a few months later napata mse ako na ps3 with kina zatana n batwoman.Fuck Warner brothers its not ed boon its the WB n their greed