The Last of Us Part II!

Look at all the extra FPS that PC gamers have… just lying there…


The last of us is the best game I’ve ever played

It’s like an interactive movie!

Damn got home nilisahau psx experience was happening this weekend plus Capcom cup N damn si matrailer zile drop fire

Yes even I couldn’t believe they put mega man kwanza x version. I think I mentioned in a thread how much I wanted this guy back

Wtf! I think I will hit everything in every room but dope mechanic

But as usual Capcom will always be the company I hate/love in quick succession because wtf is akuma looking like gado from bloody roar

Game awards 2016 happened. Been waiting for @screwplus to comment on it but… Battle field one= zero awards… Dishonoured 2…

Here’s the list.

Game of the Year - Overwatch
Best Game Direction - Blizzard Entertainment
Best Independent Game - Inside
Best Mobile/Handheld Game - Pokémon Go
Best VR Game - Rez Infinite
Best Narrative - Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End —> Very much agree!
Best Art Direction - Inside
Best Music/Sound Design - Doom
Best Performance - Nolan North (as Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End)
Games for Impact - That Dragon, Cancer
Best Action Game - Doom
Best Action/Adventure Game - Dishonored 2
Best Role-Playing Game - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine ----> Agree!
Best Fighting Game - Street Fighter V -----> Am sorry, what now? Only won because MKX, Injustice, Tekken did not have a title released this year. UFC 2 (with all the phantom kicks and what not) pretty good too.

Best Strategy Game - Civilization VI
Best Family Game - Pokémon Go
Best Sports/Racing Game - Forza Horizon 3: Virtually no competition! No major racing game was released this year… UNTIL ROADRAGE was released (Sept 4th)! Not gonna lie. Will immensely enjoy this game as soon as I can get my hands on it.
Best Multiplayer - Overwatch
Most Anticipated Game - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
ESports Player of the Year - Marcelo “Coldzera” David (SK Gaming)
ESports Team of the Year - Cloud9
ESports Game of the Year - Overwatch
Trending Gamer - Boogie2988 → Who?
Best Fan Creation - Enderal: The Shards of Order
Industry Icon Award - Hideo Kojima → For creating only the hardest game ever!

Anywho. These awards are just a popularity contest. If CoD was released in time to get a nomination it would’ve kicked Dooms ass even though CoD is a very casual simple to play game…but has the biggest fan base among action games/shooter/etc

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You were right before you said COD beat Doom in fan base…hapo wacha mucheso.DOOM was the only justifiable game to win the shit that drove me up the wall was Overwatch,Pokemon G0(I kinda get it) n Street Fighter V(They released Akuma’s trailer yesterday).Plus funny they gave Hideo Kojima an award this year yet he was banned from the awards last year(I think you didn’t know konami pulled that bs last year).Tekken 7 screwed itself with the weird release schedule its on-in Japan the game has been out for a 2 years then ps4 then its coming to xbox 1 But the icing on the cake is that Nolan North beat Troy baker. Hardest decision to make was that category.And yes am making fun of your infinite pissware…hio ni yakusaulika kabsa

Yo i talked about in another thread this one and everyone knows Game awards are getting more of a shit how can a game with a terrible pc port win an award. Its just terrible plus the game was only out for like 3 weeks its embarrassing to claim an award like that it just shows how much of a hold publishers have on the award process.You think there is a game that beats Dice in sound design lets start at that …BF1 haina haraka ya kushinda tayari EA has murked the fps scene with a 1-2 of titanfall 2 n Bf1 and a bonus dlc for battlefront before rogue comes out…g’s move in silence like Lasagna ma nigg:D:D:D:D:D:D plus check the numbers on final fantasy 15 game broke sales record plus since when did you hear early morning lines even cod n halo havent heard that in years.

Sasa umeendea sound design? Really do you listen to game sounds or watch the visuals? Nefertities wewe umerukwa na akili

hizi ndo mambo huku toa mapoints ka zote…Sound design is the most important part of gaming than visuals.Why you think they invest so much on sound the gun shots,how the car looks in the sun doesn’t compare to sound integrity.battlefield weapons sound amazing they are the best at it forza kills it in car sounds ama you wanna drive a ferrari sounding the same as ford as the case in GTA.You can’t have immersion without sound that y its even the corner stone of survival,horror and arcade games. And that was just the starting point cause once we put games like red dead redemption which the sound tracks or soundtrack(yes its composed of many sounds its a fun gimmick they made then)are the best any open world game has ever heard.So mzieya if you think sound isn’t big in games you have a lot of growth ahead of you.Sound can make or break a game more than its visuals if you didnt know if visual was the key vr gaming wouldn’t have had the recent leap into the market.

Game ni Mortal kombat X na gods among us

my best game is “sleeping dogs”

2016 is calling you. You need to wake up its 2016 hadi injustice 2 iko anounced.Infact i suspect the new marvel vs capcom is a failed attempt at splitting the fan base again but anyways MKXL is what it is called now unless you din know the 2 kombat packs dropped with 6 characters.

Sadly the studio closed shop juzi so hakuna hopes ya SD2…feels man so many.

There were rumours of KP3 and I was like “Heeeell no!”. Not spending a dime more. Anyone recall when online play was FREE!

I member …thats y it is sucking more and more the treatment developers are giving console players. And console players suck cuz its full of children

Never have seen a game review that people focus on the sound unless it horrible. Kadanganye watoto huko mbali.
You want to claim that creating sound costs more than the visuals? Modelling the characters plus the environment, texturing them, rigging characters then the Motion capture used with the characters, the visual effects…
You want to say all those costs way less than sound?
Creating most of those sound assets is really easy. No use of computers involved in most just foley artists

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ati what? You want me to google for you… hadi games za online husumbuika na sound design than visuals. If you can say this statement tafadhari priss do some research on game development.I din say it costs more even though some cases it did but it is important more than the model why the hell has indie games grown ama unaweza cheza Outlast ikiwa silent ama dead space…do u even think or comprehend what you say at times. have you ever seen the sound studio for games some have bigger orchestra’s than movies have… and you dare say that…Why @Deorro do you always try n sound stupid. Do u just think games development are just a bunch of nerds on a computer desk. They travel look at scenes capture sound,edit and tune it and even recompose it. Sound is integral for immersion my guy its important…infact with graphics taking different direction sound has always been the standard benchmark for immersion plus go check ealier review on IGN./gamespot/gamereviews sound had its own score sheet.So u sound like the baby you try and make fun of by not even thinking of how large of a team sound engineering can be in developing a game.

Nefertities weka supporting evidence for your claims. Weka budget za games hapa tuone how much sound takes compared to visuals. Ni kama hata haujui what foley means

To give u an example just from my head whenever you play horror if sound didn’t make the footsteps scary or in a fighting game even MKX has it in its fatality and brutality.How the character screams or wriths in pain for example alien which i freaking love from how he sounds when he dashes or runs at you from his overhead attack whip sound and you sit their oh sound is nothing go play MKX bila sound and see how boring the game feel cuz even sound effects on block matter.jax has that metal effect kenshi has that sword blade effect.And thats just a fighting game with a closed scenario generation open world games cost more time and money cuz you have to add surround effect that should work from guns to even the dog running around and shit.You say that is an easy job. hearing conversions as you pass by plus cars moving glass breaking and shit guns in the far distant ans it should sound like its happening around you This an article from 2005 and imagine now how the industry is even more robust now plus have u ever played last of us…this game without the effort put in sound would be a boring walking simulator in some section
And google and I said not more but it can be more even they guy warns you and how dangerous it can get out of control.Even there are gimmicks in games which depend on this alone…how many times are u thrown in a dark scenario and they use sound to tell you about the environment.How many start in black scene with a sound of a monster,car,gun shots first then boom the visuals cut in…I think you try and pretend to know about games but u just read articles on them and never actually experienced any of these games apart from Cod which is childs play it can’t hold up a candle against Killing floor 2 imo

@Deorro did u even watch sony E3 this year …like seriously you cant still argue that look here again
Scarface: The World is Yours - $2.5 million (audio) - The audio budget alone on the open-world crime game was $2.5 million, according to a Gamasutra postmortem by the project’s audio director, Rob Bridgett.
As I told you the bigger it gets the more complex the variables…and ps remember we arent talking about licensing cuz that am sure has some money drops cuz i don’t think putting this scene is cheap cuz they dedicated a whole level to a track which had a good pay off

This game was annoying but this was fucking dope and this guy is playing shitty i din hit a thing in this section