The Last Music Concert i ever attended... Kuzeeka ni kitu mbaya ( I was Here!)...

What is the Last Music concert you ever went to KTalkerz?

kwani wazungu wanapenda mablacks hii design

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Yvonne chaka chaka…at koroga festival last year

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Racism siyo mbaya unafikiria.
We live,work,breathe and share everything with the wazunguz and its Not Half as bad as the Media wants you to believe it is.
When it comes to Entertainment and Sports,Racism is all But forgotten!
Racism/ Tribalism is in your mind… it affects “Victims” and the Weak.


If Tinie was an American he could be on the same level with Drake or Kendrick.

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I am not quite sure…mmmmhhh… But to be Honest,he would be more Popular outside of Europe than Inside Europe.

I always feel that Britain always feels the need to Equal the Americas (u.s and Canada combined) for every talent they produce but i don`t necessarily feel that the Talent on both sides is at Par.
Britain is the only English speaking country in Europe that can compete with the U.S talents ( save for Ireland which has only now started to produce a New Generation of English speaking Irish Kidz " who will probably add to the gap that is always left Vacant by the lack of recognition of All Black Hip hop music from France,Spain ,Portugal … never mind the Scandinavian Countries.

And i agree with you.
Tinie Tempah and other Brand name British Artists have always Failed at breaking into the American Market and it is a Fact that if your music isnt popular in America then you aint SHIT as an International Brand!..
And thats the way it is!


Nilijua nimezeeka last wk when I couldn’t diferenciate kati ya KCG Na KCF (matatu) ni gani mpya

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Hiyo yako si kuzeeka ni shida ya masomo.


Inafaa ununue chart ile ya ABC. Ama hiyo huwezi kuiiba?