The largest mall in East Africa is now operational

Eastleigh is becoming the new Dubai

Mad respect for the new developers Eastleigh. Good, aesthetically pleasing buildings complete with Islamic themed touches to align with the local culture there; all without cost cutting shortcuts that we have been accustomed to in other areas.

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Tuko na parking sasa

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  • Who are the REAL owners …??
  • How was the construction financed …??
  • How will the sale of Gold there be regulated …??
    (… as far as I know , Kenya does not produce or refine any Gold …)

Ukora loading there Big Time … :joy: :rofl: :blush:

Arab oil money involved. Where in this world is gold sale regulated? What ukora are you talking about? @rexxsimba

  • Which Arab and what Oil …??
  • The Mining Act, 2016:
    The Mining Act governs the exploration, mining, and trading of minerals in Kenya, including gold .
    It outlines the legal framework for mineral rights, licensing, and regulations for mining operations.
    The Act also provides for the regulation of the sale and export of minerals.
  • The establishment of ownership and source funding clears up issues of criminality and money laudering …

How many Kenyans have resources to purchase and sustain Gold sales …???

Mining Rights inside a mall? Indians have a high value for gold. It’s also a store of value. Kenya are stuck in cultural beliefs, they just want to buy 1/8ths as a measure of value. Saudi fund investing in several projects worldwide. There are similar projects from Qatar, uae, Kuwait, etc. They are looking forward past oil.

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