The language of “debt-trap diplomacy” reflects Western anxieties, not African realities

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“We now know that Kenyan officials siphoned off billions in Kenyan shillings from Chinese loans for the SGR project. There are still questions about the true cost of the project and whether Kenya overpaid”.

Na si umerukia hiyo statement kwa speed! A good afternoon!

A very balanced article. Anybody who has been yelling about the Chinese debt trap needs to look at the graph therein. The Whites are just mad that China is daring questio their god-given right to rape Africa…

Africa continues to miss out on the benefits of technology and global commerce solely because of its weak infrastructural capacity. The Chinese spotted this anomaly and realized they could help out while drawing some benefits in the process. Where then is the problem when both parties derive benefits? Why should a struggling carpenter in say, Gikomba, pay three times what his counterpart in the United pays for an electric drill, and yet both items are exported from China. It all boils down to infrastructure. Africans are unable to enjoy many global goods due to lack of infrastructure despite possessing the financial capacity to acquire such goods. There ought to be a minimum level of infrastructural capacity below which no human should be allowed to suffer.