The Land of the Free and Brave

The USA is a joke of a Democracy …
Shenzi Kabisa …:rage::rage:

1488 WPWW

As recently as 1961 , Black Men could not register marriages to white women in some States …
That’s “Democracy” US style for you …!!! :rage:

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Keeping the bloodlines pure.

Black people have risen from chattel slavery to the pinnacle of political power. When you think about it deeply, this is nothing short of a miracle. It hasn’t come easily. By no means. But the fact that it has happened in the US says something about the ability of a society evolve, grow and learn from it’s past. Murica! When we elect an Indian president in 254, we will lay claim to the same growth.

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Unaongea hivi lakini ukipewa chance ya kuenda US saa hii utaenda the same day.

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Nyeuthi are obsessed with white pussy. Si udinye nyeuthi wenzako. The slipperiness and temperature is the same

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You’re the same idiots who adore Trump The Retard.

He wishes things would revert to them old days…and NO…It’s not the Nyeuthi obsessed with white puthy, but the blonde who’s obsessed with Black Tarimbos. :heart_eyes:

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Once I visited Paris and strolled around Louvre with Ile loose trousers za sports . The white chicks some with their husbands kept staring not in my face but loins . Shida ni whites women don’t make me have that semi erection kwa mtaa like succulent big butt black giggly women .

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Of course this never happened. They likely clutched their pearls and hang on on to their boyfriends a little closer when your baboon looking face got closer

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Next time, try east Europeans

The US played a big role in abolishing slave trade in the 19th century. Why are we quoting laws of 1600s?

Mimi huona ni kama fans wa trump somehow wana engage in trolling.

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Because , like also in Europe , Arabia , China …
Only the “cosmetics” changed …
Slavery was "officially"abolished in 1833 …
In practice in the USA …
Black people could only Officially openly vote in the mid 1960’s after Dr Martin Luther King’s activism and the Civil Rights legislation was passed …!!!
Even today …
The Trump Ultra Right MAGA wing which controls the GOP is busy “Jerrymandering” in several US State Legislatures and attempting to roll back Voting Rights and control of State Legislatures in order to maintain control and white privilege …
The Black Man just thinks that he is “free” …
That’s why I have very low respect for any Black Trump supporters …
Those are the real “Niggers” …
How do you support an oppressor class …???
As the great Black Patriot , Malcolm X , always used to tell them …
They left their minds and brains in Africa …!! :rage::rage:


Black lives are so cheap in America …
9 armed white Police Officers gun down a unstable Black man with a knife …

A few months ago , a white man guns down some Black people and is arrested alive …!!!
Why the different treatment …??? :rage::rage::fire::fire: