The Land of Democracy and Freedom

Interesting event here this Week …


A country where it is okay for a white cop to murder a black man in broad daylight …

Whatever happened to the Black Panthers …??
Its time for some revenge …

i watched this and got very angry

My take is 400 years of Slavery has affected our Black People …
They have lost the will to defend themselves…

Guns are readily available in that country …

Time to take on these Racist White Cops head on and get some respect …

What is most annoying is that the cops get a slap on the wrist for murder. The way that man begged for his life… #RIP George Floyd


[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Too many African Americans & Niggers, not enough cold blooded Negroes.

And you haven’t seen enough bro. Take a look at this. Early this month we had armed protestors (Militia to be precise) begging for blood of Michagan governor coz of lockdown. See reaction. (no police, no interference )

And now, we have black crying out for justice and…yap you guessed it right. You have armed anti-riot police roaming the streets.


Fck!! Pathers, we lament you

America is a shit hole nothing good about them ’

Brother, it took only about 100 years for the whole of the African race to succumb to an inferiority complex to the white race.
What do you think 400+ years of that would do?

Blacks na Waarabu wanauwana wenyewe kwa wenyewe zaidi …ata tusiende mbali hapa tu Narok jana

A head shot would mean instant death. Why would you want that?

Bonobo za huko zipambane na hali yao!

Exactly !!!
Na za huko zipambane na hali yao.
Za .ke zinaonyesha more concern za huko ziki madwa na polisi

Black panthers were sissies who larped as NOI.