The kunguru who stabbed engineer Okello

Uncle siku hizi umejua kizungu! Am very proud of you!:D:p

what was it about food? Jamaa hajanunua food? amekataa kukula food ya kunguru? amekula sana? amekula food ya mtoto?

:smiley: Watoto wananifunza

Whatever is reported usually is the trigger, the underlying issue is never reported. Sio story ya food

In her statement she said she doesn’t know what happened. “Mimi humpikia kila siku, humfanyia kila kitu…I don’t know!” It seems the media guys with their university degrees in Jumping-into-conclusions decided they did know what happened and pinned the fight on food. It’s clickbait culture and serves as a stark reminder the media are interested in what sells rather than the actual truth.

True dat!

Incited by rabid Kungurus who recently appeared on TV

Patia Anko mzigo aonje

Uncle ana mdomo wacha ajitetee!!

Ajitetee basi

Anko na ulevi atawezana?


Engineer Okello was my pal from childhood. We grew together pale AndBeez (read Nanyuki). RIP Edu!