The KNH Baby Theft Saga - A Twist in the Tail? What a Billionaire Thinks.

It was over lunch at Misono, Ngong Road (Japanese cuisine).

"FMCP, you and I agree that peasantry in this great nation of ours has reached stratospheric levels. Poverty has become an accepted excuse for sheer stupidity and mindlessness.

Today, our people don’t want to take responsibility for anything, and our equally stupid politicians are encouraging them to breed like rats eti they’ll give them everything free. Free education, free healthcare, free whatever. How stupid can a people be to expect gavament to take care of their every shit? Did you see the news at one? Now 4 million of them want free food so they can have enough energy to ferk like bonobos in the evening!

Si next time this people will ask the gavament to wipe their assholes and change their soiled panties for them, honestly FMCP?"

I took a large swig of my Cotes du Rhone and waited to see where this rant, which I fully agreed with, was going.

"Take the example of the baby who was allegedly stolen at Kenyatta. FMCP, we all go to banking halls to transact money. Banking halls are high-security settings with CCTV cameras and several APs armed with machine-guns at the door. Private security guards roam around.

And yet, FMCP, even in such a setting, you can never ever dare give a total stranger your bag containing Sh150,000 to hold for you. NEVER! And if you did, for whatever reason, you would not blame the bank if the stranger slowly sneaked away with your money, right?

But what about these poor and stupid peasants we are making to believe that their only role is to breed? Well, they’ll go to hospitals or any other public places such as schools, hand over their babies to total strangers, and when they lose them? Why, the gavament is to blame! KNH is to blame!

Who in the whole ferking wide world gives their infants to total strangers and then cries foul when they disappear, FMCP? If I can’t let out 20K in a bank out of sight, what do you make of a person who allows a stranger with his most precious child out of sight? What kind of idiotic and imbecilic sub-humans are these we have brought up who have no sense of responsibility even to their own flesh and blood?

FMCP, I tell you! We have brought up a bunch of morons in the name of our youth, and we are lying to them they are the future…yet their sheer imbecility is killing them like roaches every day."

I took a large swig of my red and blinked fast. This billionaire had hit it on the nail.

he he…was your lunch companion a mirror Ngaburai? how was their sushi?

In Kenya it has become very perilous to assist or to seek assistance. We’re so concerned with money and benefit that even mere good neighbourliness comes at a fee.

The billionaire you sat with is somewhat right. While I tend to believe that in desperate times, you require some desperate measures. I don’t really blame the dad for trusting a stranger. Maybe he believes in the goodness of people despite all that he sees. I like that.

But I blame the woman because she had an agenda from the moment she agreed with the buyer to get a baby.

Meanwhile, nilisema ukitaka kushikwa na headache, try deciphering the African. You will be very miserable.

I cannot argue with this!!

Actually, I had chicken yakitori with a dash of yedamame on the side. And no, it wasn’t through the mirror:D:D:D:D:D:D!

no wonder @Eng’iti amepotea kijiji alikula nare kwa tv vile junior wake aliibiwa .

I watched the father giving an interview on TV and he said the reason he gave the woman the child was only because they were speaking the same language and thus trusted her thinking that since they came from the same area she couldn’t have been up to no good.
Now, that’s how Kenyans have been conditioned, to think that the enemy can only from that other tribe.


Wacha kumtaja taja @Eng’iti bila adabu shughulika na your semi-illiterate whores

When I heard the child was handed to a stranger I lost all confidence in our nation. How do you do such?

In Kenya, we make it simpler for misfortune to take hold. The problem is, one person going through misery will see it as a call of duty to spread the misery. “Hata mim nilifanyiwa hivyo” way of thinking instead of lookin at every situation with a mature brain and chart a way forward that’s beneficial too the majority.

Blog yako imefikia wapi ama the idea was shelved!

mteso jinga ,watch your mouth, huwezi address shemeji kimalamala hivi na ni nyamaze

I’m a bit conflicted. While I think the fella was soft in the head, I still wonder where our human decency went. You should be able to trust someone in that situation. That you can’t is an indictment of us as humans/Kenyans. How do you just steal a baby like that?

Technology ililemea Guka :D:D

@FieldMarshal CouchP , am still waiting for the contract to fix your 5.25" magnetic floppy disks.

mawaiter mmefikishana wapi

Kuja vizuri


@uwesmek=@native son