The King of Wa-Kikuyu




[SIZE=2]Najua kamzee flani kataona hiyo title kaanze kuchomeka matumbo - ready to defend Uthamaki…[/SIZE]

This might be hard for you to understand but wazungu pia hua na wazimu wao … ni hayo kwa sasa

My policy is simple: does it walk on two feet? Does it speak, eat, shit and sweat? If yes,then it can be mad too

Hard for whom ? Na nani amesema mzungu sio meffi kaa wengine ?

See, you came to that conclusion UNPROMPTED so it’s fair to assume you recently came to this conclusion and now you have to repeat it to yourself to actually believe it.

Hamna shida hapo. Its called growing up and I’m happy for you.

sawa mzee whatever helps you sleep at night