The Kind To Sit On Your Face

[FONT=trebuchet ms][SIZE=7]Epitome of Pleasure[/SIZE][/FONT]

after pizza ya mushroom na cheese na soda tatu na chips na sparkling water na kuku na guarana mbili n coffee na keki?
si utakufa nerve gas?

If that outfit came off…you’d have to contend with masses of sagging aged flesh, at least 78kg of cellulite,and an odour that could kill a skunk



If that mattercore sits on your face sir fool,we will hire a crane to pull your silly face out


Well… unfortunately for you…am not, however it seems you’re literally full of shíet to the brim and likely beyond repair…it’s official that the yearly imbecile award goes to you


hizi ndio vitu hata nikimwaga shot saba bado mboro imesimama for more


Kwani siku hizi wanaweka viagra kwa dose ya ARVs?

If by now you still don’t believe in gravity…
Then Newton owes you an apology…
A big one!


This thread is so full of Gaayys …
This is no place for Juveniles …
Hio ni mali ya Elders pekee … :smiley: :smiley:

Hii huwezi pata afford wewe