The kind of things we are having kids with.



Too many kids would get abandoned by those hoes. That business is too risky. Hoes are hoes for a reason. Dealing with hoes is risky.

This is not an isolated case… sigh!

We ALL must be obligated to the children we bring into the world!!!

You want the single life, be single, don’t bring any child into it. Once you have a child, you’re not single, your needs NEVER supersede the child’s needs.

:smiley: and name it “Singo but Matha Club”

mtoi akiwa abused na mlevi

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM… Now you understand why marriage rates are falling downward s at an alarming rate,I wonder what beta male planteshen worker ghaseer @Yuletapeli has to say about this video

This is why Patriachs mustn’t fall, btw cardinal @Karoga you’re the team advocating for karura forest after impregnating women.

You guys always conveniently forget to state…MGTOW= freedom only if certain conditions are met. Those conditions are $ and health. If you are broke or unhealthy/sick, you arent free.

Let them take their kids to the club with them and suffer the consequences. Hii ndio twaita kulilia wembe… watajutia wenyewe

As if a married broke and/ or unhealthy nigga is any better.

In traditional Africa young people would dance late into the evening. And yes there were girls appointed to watch over the babies as the dances went on.
In the late 50s into the 60s and 70s during the twist and disco era going out to the dance was a very normal affair. Clubbing in Nairobi was kawaida. There were ladies known as socialites who were the life of the party. Many parties were held in homes so the kids were moved to the neighbour’s house. Ask the old timers wakuambie what clubbing was like back in the day. Some clubs in Nairobi were legendary.

Today people party and go home, back in the day people would disappear for weeks. Many never returned. And before that there were the roaring 20s. The world partied to the point of being broke. An age of pure decadence and syphilis.

Thot mommies in the club :smiley:

Usijisumbue,wengi hawapendi condom

[QUOTE="…And yes there were girls appointed to watch over the babies as the dances went on.[/QUOTE]

Were the babies from singo mathas?

Who is a patriarch?

Patriarchs MUST rise.

So mothers were going to disco in the 70s?

Bana acha mchezo.

Ati in traditional Africa dances were organized and babies were ganged together?

  1. Those dances were cultural and religious. More like dancing in church.

  2. When the dances were sexual, only single girls participated.

  3. These dances were not frequent.

To use African heritage to defend something culturally un-African is something else. If someone wants to party away, let them condom up. You don’t bring kids into the world, have bouncers raise them, alafu utuachie shida

But just like today African dances were very critical components of courtship.

It was where the African girls chose their suitors. Men didn’t choose girls, girls chose boys. Maasai Morans for instance used to jump very high to show off their fitness, grace and poise.

Similarly today you will find @Sambamba shaking his fast ageing, post wall buttocks to impress the 20 year olds at K1 clubhouse. Hajui miaka imekataa, hata akipakaa dye kwa nywele na avae skinny jeans. Ati bado ni senior bachelor hana mbio. Hadi anaenda gym kudanganya miaka. Oh well it’s all courtship.

Someni African history. African traditional societies were matriachal and matrilineal for the simple reason of survival. You take care of women and children and your society survives. You need numbers for warriors and farmers and hunters.

African women were the rulers of the household and children have always belonged to the African mother. In most Kenyan bantu farming communities the woman was the head of the household. She was the one who went to the market to trade. She was the keeper of the money and wealth for her children. To this day African markets are still dominated by women traders.

For instance in the Kikuyu society, Mumbi chose Gikuyu for a husband. Gikuyu didn’t choose Mumbi. Women chose husbands. The Kikuyu clans were named after the 9 daughters not 9 sons. The Agikuyu were martriachal belonging to the house of Mumbi.

traditionally Women were also circumcized to emphasize their dominance in society same as men. In Africa if a man was extremely poor or sickly it was okay for the woman to depart with her children and look for a man who could rear these children simply for the survival of the tribe. Or in some African societies if the woman disagreed with her man she could go back home where the dowry had been paid and survive on that dowry.

Christianity brought the partriachal system whereby the men became head of the household and keeper of the cowrie shells or money.

Men like Kenyatta became traders or shopkeepers which was traditionally the woman’s role. Women were no longer circumcised to become in same standing as boys. Wife battering or beating started or became more prominent as men sought dorminance in the home. African Society fractured. Things fell apart.

Wealthy societies are lead by women. The British were very smart, they had their own queen while destroying African queens like Wangu wa Makeri or Mekatilili. They made Wangu wa Makeri into a much despised headwoman and tax collector hence destroying Kikuyu martriachy or the Kikuyu political power structure. The British knew exactly how to destroy the African society.

Traditionally Luo men were supposed to inherit their dead brother’s wife but not the way it is done today. In traditional Luo society it was to protect the brother’s children and not to take advantage of his wealth or his wife. Today Luos and Luhya in-laws have become thugs robbing the poor widow and her kids, but that was not traditional Luo or Luhya custom. Robbing the widow by carting away her wealth was taboo. Society has fractured.

@pipinono in African society a single mother is not an error. In traditional African society she is supposed to be a second or third wife to a wealthy man who can rear her children. But the modern law bans and shuns polygamy. Also there is no safety net to assist the boy to stick around and stop running away and abandoning the girl.

In traditional African society as a man you could not abandon your family not unless you leave the tribe completely and go hide in another region. You were often brought before the elders who would ask why you want to abandon the girl. What reasons do you have to give yet you have sown the seed?

And Before you had sex with a woman you had to prove that you were capable of taking care of her children, hence dowry or commitment fee. But society fractured under colonialism and mordernity. Today men treat women like tissue paper. And yes it becomes a curse on the larger society. Dowry has become extortion.

@pipinono in Kikuyu society a woman could contract a marriage.

Contractual marriages were marriages where she gets children by one or several men but remains a single mother in her father’s household.

According to historians Louise Leakey and Godfrey Muriuki, if the single mother’s dad was wealthy he could give her a male servant known as a ‘ndungata’ to act as a ceremonial or figurative husband. Her father’s inheritance would go to these children.