The kind civilizational heavy lifting needed to pacify Pokot lands, GoK is unwilling and probably incapable.

Pokots need to be brought into the 21 first century. The efforts to do so would require something akin to colonialization. Someone would need to go in remake society from ground up.
This would take a good plan, great deal of money, capable people, goodwill from rest of Kenya, and more importantly TIME.
GoK has not shown itself capable of implementing long term ideas with no obvious monetary payout to insiders. Kwa hivyo watu wataendelea kufa kwa njaa na kufa kwa risasi.


These bonobos should be left to their own devices to duke it out until they mature.

Kwa nini hao watu hawashikwi?

kama hawakushikwa walipouwa 40 police in Kapedo , hawa kumi ndio watashikwa

Because they operate in an area the size of Austria. Have better arms than South Sudan. And every male above 13 is a suspect.

Tough pokot rustlers will check the aggressive Ugandans and we need the hardy stock for the military si soft stupid jadens za nairobi. Mirirtiandes supports the status quo

Walinyamazishwa siku za Michuki tukajua kuna sponsors wa hiyo uhalifu.

I dont know much about that area but it’s not economically intensive, resource allocation will continue to be low

The day these pastoralists convert to Islam things will get very dicey, and fast! FYI Boko Haram in started out like present day Pokots, back in the late 90s….and the rest is history.

Pokots are sitting ducks waiting for a unifying, militaristic, blood-thirsty doctrine which in our day is best characterized by Islam.

These guys are tough as nails, have been hardened by the natural environment and other factors, training with guns starts at the age of six years and believe they are more powerful than the Kenyan government. They have been wrecking havoc in Turkana, Samburu, Laikipia, Baringo and Elgeyo Marakwet counties for quite some time and government looks incapable of dealing with them.

Let us fence these arseholes in and let them kill each other to extermination. Even human waste is more useful than these takatakas.

Four regimes have failed to tame them. Let us see what JSKS will do to protect his kinsmen.

Will be same story…

Jsks will;
Order a serious military crackdown.
Confiscate their weapons for resale
Capture the ring leaders
Personally hang the bandits Leaders with his bare hands as jirongo gasps for his breath shivering

What’s so hard kumwaga kdf 15000 huko? Wapipinywe kama sldf Matakwei? Kazi ya mwezi moja tu

I like the way JSKS explains all challenges “hii nikitu kidogo tu” by this, he gives the citizen surelity. Unlike our former who always utter" mnataka nifanye nini" .

Mothefuckers seemed to have studied the art of war word by word, they use the element of surprise very well, utapata hata walikuwa just about 6 bandits against that entire gsu troop

Pokot is very large and hilly and it’s their culture. A similar terrain and hard headed people cost the US trillions of dollars in Afghanistan. Tuachane na hao wajinga

Brother, Bad idea, Bad time.

May backfire Big time.

Niaje purple