The Killing Of Black Men

Those nyeuthis that are saying Blacks are to blame need to watch this, and the clip of that guy being tazed despite being the wrong chap. America is going down, and the good thing is they are still arming for a nuclear war. The war will be on their streets b- from their fellow Americans, fought with pots and pans, lorries and fertilizer.

Napenda sana!

Sadist octogenarian. Just because you might die before September doesn’t mean the world will come to a standstill. Always wishing death and misery on others, you are one fucked up mofo


Mzungu anaweza gonga karao na hamalizwi lakini nigga anaongea mbaya anakulishwa dengu

[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=1]Wacha wamalizane. I feel soo bad when incidents lyk these happen in Africa and sadly u see the same black guys spewing sh*t online just lyk whites about how Africa is behind and primitive. Its now happening in their homeland. Terrorists are wrecking havoc in Europe. Africa is becoming safer by the day.[/SIZE][/FONT]