The accurate

That woman on the video pic is Samburu not Kiuk but info is generally accurate but brief.

Kenya is Kikuyu country all other tribes are guests

Summary plizz

Lakini ni kienyeji poa:D:D:D

That Kikuyu arrogance /entitlement /privilege !!!

Why does the truth always hurt?

Msifanye tuwarudishie Arap

@RV Pundit kwenda kabisa it’s people like you who steal our land

Alshabab inahangaisha kikuyu peasants pale Lamu mercilessly :D:D:D:D @ChifuMbitika

The man keeps saying kukuyu. Reminds me of those “experts” on African affairs that CNN interviews from western capitals.

People who have privilege are usually oblivious of the fact.

Its the Kenyatta’s that stole land…hadi ansestral land ya wataita.

Hata Pokot Rustlers akina Gaza wanahangaisha watu sana especially Samburu, Tugen, Turkana and Laikipia Kyuks

We forgive him, he tried

Speak for yourself.

No, I speak for the entire Gikuyu nation


@RV Pundit is worse than a dog that pisses against the walls of Babylon

He must be a Njaruo from Siaya.

Kenya belongs to Maasais. All other people were too afraid to come out of their little bush homes when only lions and real men roamed the land.