The key to luhya and kamba unity.

Over the last year there has been a lot of talk on luhya unity. Political strategists have been looking for solutions from all corners lakini if they had employed me ningekua nimepata a solution kitambo. The key to luhya and to some extent kamba unity is a STRONG MUHINDI CANDIDATE.

Think about it. Patel would whip these people in shape na voter turn out in Western and Ukambani would be 100%. With those numbers you just need a few swing votes ndo upate hio kiti. You just have to promise them industrial area jobs and a few posho mills na uko chonjo kabisa. Itakua Patel tosha.

Mbaruyas and kambas on ktalk do you agree? @uwesmake @PHARMACY @poyoloko @chap mnaona aje?

Baruyas are nice people ,we like mudavadi but those two ghaseers you have mentioned, we are trying to terminate them parmanently . Kana wiona ata @chap ? Minaa ii ili tuyaile umikisya kamuti tumimine?

Here we go again …

Negative Ethnicity and Tribalism has no place in modern Kenya …

On a very light note …

Would you all be willing to consider a Medical Professional of Integrity with a proven Developmental Track Record …??? :D:D

First lady iwe kitu kama hii?[ATTACH=full]393560[/ATTACH]

Your warped sense of humor is misplaced in this serious discussion …

Let’s meet in the appropriate Forum …

@poyoloko nĩ mũũi

Luhya president? Can you imagine someone like @poyoloko being President?

They should focus on breeding and producing fine women for is to lay with.

Luhyias and Kambas are already united at the waist, with all the intermarriage between the two communties. It should not take much effort for them to form a strong political union.

I see Mudamba doing very well in Kamba land. Kayonzo would not be tough to sell in all of wesdan

A strong union formed pale industrial area.

Mungich…hii ni small d!ck energy unaonyesha hapa

Hawa watu wa Mhindi hawezi ongoza

:D:D pokoloko bado ni muthiti wa mundu

Humbwer ghaseer chief , nitapigia modavadi kura

Sawa mkubwa. Hata Mimi I would rather vote for Madvd or Kamelon as opposed to Looter or Raira

Huyu ni mluhya? No wonder ameshinda bwana wake nguvu. Inabidi asaidiwe.

tuko nyuma ya Kalonzo

Oya umenimurder