The key to happiness: my findings

I think the key is in health, wealth and relationships.

In health, proper diet and exercise are the backbone, but done in a way that’s compatible with your daily life. For me I just do a beginner strength program, plus I just watch out for junk food and take lots of water with every meal. Sleeping the required hours pia ni muhimu, I make sure to have blue light reduction enabled in all my devices.

Pande ya wealth, I think if someone just gets to the point where they stop living month to month and have some disposable income left over, this removes financial anxieties. Ubaya ya watu ni lifestyle inflation and it’s a bitch that ferks everyone. Tuliza boli when you get extra money. Set savings goals so that you can ball after those savings goals are met. Another financial killer is bad investments. I’ve lost the most money in my life to bad investments. In fact only two of my business ideas have worked, yet I have come up with countless. However on the other hand, I am single and childless, so it was an appropriate time to take those risks. Weigh your risk appetite before you go into risky business. Otherwise stick to real estate and bonds.

Pande ya relationships is the trickiest part because this is very subjective. First of all realize that here I’m talking both your gender and the opposite gender. What I can say about relationships is that the standard template of wife and kids is not for everyone. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about where you stand right now. Kama wewe ni mhanyaji bad boy type, the alpha male way of life is for you. A small roster of young ladies of different kinds will keep happy. Google Tomassi’s 9 Iron Rules and follow them to the letter(these rules include condomizing, so feminists don’t @ me). Kama wewe ni geeky holy Joe type, the wife and kids route is for you. Look for ladies who are ready to settle and lock them down muanze life. With same gender relationships also consider your personality type, whether you are someone for having big circles or small circles, and whether you prefer being the leader of a group, or just being equals with your friends.

That’s my advice for happiness. Chukua kama unataka. As for me, I got no depression issues.

you are not thinking at all…there are some people with health, wealth and relationships but still ain’t happy

Alfa Mail,Alfa Mail you really think you got it figured out dontcha?

The key to happiness, is Jesus, is God. Period. Without God there is no real happiness. Only quiet desperation covered by working out in the gym and sleeping around like the world is ending and unabated greed.

In life there are no guarantees. I know that my paternal grandparents who both imbibed tobacco for decades lived to almost a hundred, uber health freaks who drink smoothies religiously and work out with a passion die of cancer, MS,Lupus and other chronic illnesses. All the cards are not in your hands.

Wealth only brings a transient happiness, after the initial euphoria you get used to it and you develop tolerance ,like any other drug , you need more in time to maintain the same high. These are what one Eckhardt Tolle call the Ego . Identifying with gender superiority,material superiority and engaging in conflicts to feel that you are better than the enemy, be it a gender,a tribe , a political party - the ego needs enemies. The mystic says something that reasonates a great deal , if you bought a Lamborghini today then after a day of cruising the streets and the awws and ahhs and fawning and envious stares, you went home to bed very happy , then you wake up with a new swag and when you get out you realise everyone of your neighbors has a Lamborghini will you still be happy. Jesus said, a man’s life does not constitute of his possessions.

As for relationships, be true to yourself, never follow the crowd, if you wanna get married,get married,if you wanna have kids have 'em. But do it only if it makes sense to you and if your heart is in it because its an unimaginable amount of self sacrifice and alot of patience and tolerance. If you are sure it is what you want then do it, it will grow you in ways you never thought possible. Its the hardest job you will ever love but as we see all around us with all the massacred and abused husbands and wives and children ,its not for everybody. Never do anything to fit in or impress because many,many,many people in this world should have never gotten married or had children. Its not for everyone. In relating, differentiate between reality and emotions and sexual desire. Be crystal clear about what you will tolerate and what you wont. Then stand by that . You can be terribly attracted to a person but they’re a bird and you are a fish. One or both of you will be miserable together regardless of your great love and desire for one another. Humans are not meant for casual or promiscuous type liaisons, it eats away at the soul. When you objectify another human being created in the image of God, you become degraded as well. Live honorably. When you are an old man all those things you did will replay in your mind over and over and over. Do not do anything you dont want to remember in your old age. As for sleep,it is true that a clear conscience is the softest pillow.

Life on earth is very ephemeral, yet we often forget, that fact and act like we are here forever. We think we have all the time to mess around and make mistakes but theres no time because its not a rehearsal, its the final act and then the curtain falls. Live honorably. To be continued. I have to go train some people right now on simpler matters than what hapiness is.

Hopefully your God is the right God from the hundreds of others.

Those who mock God are fools. You may disbelieve but never ever disrespect God.