The Kenyattas are taking over all lucrative businesses

We are just but @useless spectators. Hii nchi iko na wenyewe

My belief is that even if he takes shares in Sport pesa etc. That does not affect me because sina ability ya kuinvest in SportPesa. So I concentrate on the things I can invest in. Life is too short to spend worrying about who owns what.

Hakuna politicial humble and kind…they just good actors in public.Those people will kill you without a second thought if it means gaining an upper hand either politically or monetary…angalia tu msee kama Murathe ama hata sudi…hao wasee wanakaa tu very ruthless guys.Only God knows what they can do to you if you cross their paths and you are a nobody

Don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan. When shit hits the fan Uhuru will just liquidate all those assets and give the economy a much-needed boost. After all, he’s a billionaire, he must be good for the economy. Right, right?

Hii nayo imezidi … basically someone wants to control the entire economy of a country

Myopic view, that thing you think is small enough for you to invest in now will one day grow big and someone will arm twist you into giving up a sizable share for next to nothing just because they are greedy

Boss if it grows that big mpaka the big boys want in ni sawa. And who says that at that point I won’t want out. Niko na swali btw. Who took Equity from James Mwangi?

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]If WSR does get into the throne, then going after the Kenyattas who have embedded their wealth into the economy might be I’ll advised.
They are reading from Mzee Kibaki’s and Late Mzee Moi’s script

That’s why I don’t think WSR is occupying that seat anytime soon. He is not the type to be given ultimatums and constrained from actually projecting his power and opinions. Kama sa hii ndio he still gets shit done with all the obstacles put in his way, what if he comes president. Such a strong, unyielding personality

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]A tad bit dangerous if his character is shifty

He’s shifty and brutal. And I can bet he’ll be looking to craft his very own dynasty, the greedy bastardo

Better Ruto forges his own so that a break can be put on to the ongoing narrative… Otherwise Kivutha Kibwana’s will just be puppet masters of the current regime. No one will be able to go after the Kenyatta’s… Only thing is to attempt to limit their political mandates.

Corona is a scam. It doesn’t kill big people with the exception of Nkurunziza