The Kenyatalk Community Extends An Amnesty Towards One @Yunomi

You are over 55 and extremely lonely. A little truth about your disadvantaged situation causes you to create a thread and use multiple handles. Everybody can see who is all tears and tantrums :wink:

55 nani alikwambia, can you read what you’ve been told to up there,next year you will not be excused.

He consoles himuselefu by declaring that anyone who criticises him is my other handle. Talk about delusion :D:D
Next year he must account ama we’ll publicly flog him, we won’t entertain laziness.

Ktalk ukipewa monstrous sweeps you don’t reply immediately because however hard your slap stings, the magnitude of your sweep will be lost in the reaction of the original sweep. You lay low, and wait till your victim is not suspecting then give him one hard kick in his ass… so hard till your feet hurts.


:D:D:D He thinks you are me.


Tackles and sweeps galore