The Kenyan Constitution Prioritizes Paying Debt over anything anything else.

So, when David Ndii say they had a choice of defaulting or paying salaries, he was economical with the Truth.
Prof. Partrick Muinde breaks the current econimical debacle in simplified way.

Missing salary is local solution the worker can be paid later. Beside that we know public civil servants ni meffi hakuna kazi hufanya. Kazi ni kuingia kazi Saa tano wanatoka Saa nane. Hao ghasia wakule zile per Diem walikuwa wanapora during rainy days.
If we defaulted our creditors could have shorted their position. shillings ingekuwa on free fall Loses value . Inflation will be at par with Argentina.

Gvt= reflection of the society. Wakenya wenyewe salo ikiingia loans hukata yao hata kabla payslip imalize kuprint.