the kenya we want

reading this blog, this kind of discussions should be filling the airwaves from tax payers but they are busy discussing dynasties and hustlers.Instead we should be looking for people who have the nation interest at heart and mind. Sahi i bet if any talker or their kin gets seriously sick , that would be a one way ticket to poverty for generations to come. Social services should be provided by the government , that’s the logic of paying taxes , mainly education, health ,sanitation and security. Hizi mambo sijui ya big four people can fend for themselves. The article is nail biting, Brookhouse has the right to charge whatever amount they want , after all its a business like any other .Even health sijui mbona watu waliingilia nairobi womens yet its a business and must do all to survive, vile guys put 350g bread and labelling it 400g na vile mtu wa butchery ana angusha pieces side akikatakata is the same way nairobi womens plays it, after all it’s all business.

“In a decent and functional society, no one should have to pay a premium for health, education, food, water or sanitation unless they want to. The pandemic has merely reminded Kenyans that we have a cardinal responsibility to rescue ourselves by mending our political administration .”

its a good start, but what you and the article are missing is the highlighted part. you’ve put it so well.
those same butchers, shopkeepers, suppliers e.t.c are the same people who will run for office and win. when they get those positions they won’t start caring for the people, they will go on with their business of making money.
we know this but we pretend and hope that once they get to power they will change, be good and start doing what’s right.
we cannot start demanding corrupt and incompetent leaders to suddenly stop being corrupt and start leading the country.
the same leaders own those hospitals, schools, petrol stations, so they cannot make changes that will divert numbers from their business.

lets start by supporting leaders during campaigns and voting them in, then we can demand the best from them

I also thought we would reflect on our failures but our leaders aren’t willing to change the political mindsets. Bbi kwanza