The Kashoggi guy

I am struggling to understand what exactly the fella did, to warrant such a killing. I mean, to be strangled, diced and dissolved in acid? What exactly did he do to warrant such enmity? It can’t, methinks, just be about criticizing the Saudi govt. The government has many other critics, and it surely doesn’t go to that extent.

His case reminds me of this fellow in Kitui whom people said to be cops followed right into the hospital ward, and pumped 17 pieces of copper into him right there on the hospital bed. The fella had been arrested in Mwingi, taken to a thicket, and 4 bullets pumped into his head. Somehow he survived! Then the buggers heard that the fella was still alive, (and talking :-)) at Mwingi hospital. They followed him there, and this time, pumped 17 bullets. Just to be sure. And I had to wonder, what exactly had the fellow did to warrant such action. He may have been a petty thug around Mwingi town, but there are lots of other petty thugs there, and they are never dealt with such degree of crudity…
Maybe there is a secret dimension that we always miss in these cases.

Let’s just say he did what got him killed

Some people do not want to be critisized. Want to rob public resources in peace.

He was once an advisor to the Saudi government before falling out with MBS.
He then had a global platform in the WP to bare all that was going wrong in Saudi Arabia.
No guessing why he made such bitter enemies.

What do you expect from a govt that beheads people in public? Saudis are on another level in their brutality.

This stuff is Holywood material…
Two chattered planes carrying 15 assassins…just to take out one guy
Hio lifestyle ya akina Jowie ni noma tu sana…
In comparison, Miguna just got a slap on his wrist

Monarchs the world over are notorious for inbreeding. The younger ones like kina William na Harry are beginning to break with tradition by marrying “commoners”. What inbreeding does is that over a long period it produces some fucked up individuals. Mtu anaweza kuwa na mental issues na mnaona akiwa tu sawa. Siku moja akuone kwa TV ukismile alafu mademoni zimwambie ni yeye unachekelea. The next thing ni jamaa kuenda Google kutype “most efficient bone saw in the world”.

Google chop chop square uone the kind of people hawa watu hua.Saudi kuenda hata job ni malcom.

There are only two things that are infinite; the universe and human stupidity. Sometimes we try to find a reason beyond human ignorance and stupidity why something barbaric was done because we can’t accept the merit of the action. Never underestimate human stupidity.

Imagine those cops who did that wanakula maharagwe kamiti thanks to human right activist’s

You remember the Nepalis prince who was denied a chance to marry a commoner ended up doing the unthinkable

Aii kwani they were arrested? I have never heard of any convictions out of that saga.