Since yesterday i’ve been mourning the great legendary Mama Catherine KASAVULI (no blood or ethnic relationship) because she was born the exact year my mum was born.
Again RIP mama!!

I’m a staunch Congolese music fanatic so let me specifically focus and clear the air on the "KASAVULI KANDA BONGO MAN story.

A story was and is still being told to those who loved kwasa kwasa back in the 90s. It’s about Kanda Bongo Man and a “dictator” during the Moi era in the name of Hon. Hezekiah Oyugi Ogango.
Contrary to popular opinion, Catherine Kasavuli was not the reason Kanda Bongo Man was deported from Kenya back in 1991. As a matter of fact, President Moi played no part in the deportation. It was Hezekiah Oyugi, the then powerful Internal Security PS who deported the Congolese whose scintillating Kwasa Kwasa signature move made him a household name back in the day.
In April 1991, Kanda Bongo Man toured Kenya and a beautiful lady caught his attention. She was irresistible, and Kanda Bongo Man entertained thoughts of marrying her.
But just before he could concretize his thoughts, Hezekiah Oyugi happened. The powerful PS, whose word was law during the Moi administration, asked that Kanda Bongo Man performs at his private residence on his daughter’s birthday.
Kanda Bongo Man flatly refused, prompting swift and decisive action from Oyugi. His performance permit was withdrawn, his visa was cancelled, then he was deported and barred from stepping on Kenyan soil.
Many thought Catherine Kasavuli was at the centre of this deportation.
Kanda Bongo Man had feelings for a different woman, whom he planned to marry. After his 1991 deportation, he tried to sneak into Kenya three times to meet that woman but he was stopped at JKIA each time and deported.
By the time Kanda Bongo Man returned to Kenya in 2003, his sweetheart was already taken.
That woman was Rose Wambui Wahito. In 1999, she married Mombasa businessman and politician Suleiman Shahbal.
Kanda Bongo Man immortalised her in the song Wahito, released a year after his 1991 deportation.

Now you know!!!

Wakenya mko shallow. Mtu ameishi miaka mingi na kuwa successful kwa career yake lakini nyinyi mnafocus na vitu hazina maana,

Have never heard wahito by Kanda but I’ll look it up

We all bought that story I remember. So it wasn’t true. RIP Catherine.

You always want to sound smartest everytime. Did he force you to read it? Wewe focus na zile za maana. Allow us to focus on the other side. Equation balanced. Nugu wewe

Tulia baba, ungesoma chenye ameandika ungejua wakenya wanaongea vitu baseless bila kujua ukweli. @Juguma dee ameweka maneno wazi, wacheni ku associate mwendazake na vitu hazina msingi.

Uncle Oyugi alikuwa hapendi upuzi … ako na bahati hakufinywa makende and his remains found in ngong forest. Ako na bahati sana …

Hehehe… negroes are only stimulated by stories involving sex. Unaweza weka thread noma ya business ideas and technology itakosa kupata replies yet there are thousands of “wangapi” threads na bado mpya zinapata replies.

when big musicians visit kenya for big public shows for hoi poloi but they will always have a number of other vip-only and private shows. Not sure if daughter birthday was only excuse. As much Oyugi was a dictator singular throwing out of a mega popular singer would have been tricky. Kanda was asked to do a jig in a KANU rally. His refusal earned ire of the highest office and oyugi implemented the subsequent order to deport in his usual meticulous zeal

Just one question, was Wahito also banned from leaving the country :interrobang: , am sure if Kanda really wanted to meet her he definitely had the capacity to get an air ticket specially for her to France or wherever he was based at the time

errr… wewe ume-grow up kama moi ameshaa retire, sindio? :D:D

Not really, I was about 10 in '91

Oyugi was deadly, but not a murderer. He could use state machinery to harrass and eben deport; but he was a gentle soul (albeit a little naive on matters mafia). His naivety is what caused him to be used by “Total Man” to lure Ouko to his death (through "Total Man’s " bullet). The person who could singularly dispatch anyone in cold blood was the one and only “Total Man”

Wambui?? Shahbal atapatikana ametupwa kwa septic tank akifika 80 years