the Kansoul | Pre Monday Rants

What the hell happened to local music?
Maddtraxx once upon a time was a hit maker,
Mejja comical rapper but I doubt he would win in a live freestyle bout,
KidKora clearly should have stuck to his lanes.
moto wa kuotea mbali, shida, nayo, nyongwa… too much time in the studio doing nothing.
Am done.

Hizo ngoma ziko juu.kwani unataka composition kama Mozart


Waliimbiwa RIP na Khaligraph.

One can enjoy different types of music. Usijifungie akili. Ama ufunge tu. Chaguo ni lako.

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khaligraph ana good delivery na zero content…
rabbit good content…analack good delivery/flow
ocotopizzo…anaforce wordplay…though si mbaya
juliani…well rounded m.c


Na Abbas ndio baba yao.


Darlin P ndio guka yao basi


The lyrics are kindergarten bana just because you have access to the studio doesn’t mean any content is worth it

Kabisa I listen to almost all genres …good music has no type really

Luseno ndio baba yao.

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Sio kila kitu lazima iwe serious, people have to have some fun and unwind

Monday sideshows tu nothing serious here.

This calms me, hiyo ingine apana tambua.

Africa is a beautiful continent. :D:D