The Kalejingas Have Started Their Shenanigans....


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Cut us some slack…Inherited from who? He was a DP in the previous Government.
They brought all the mess in their first tenor of leadership…let him deal with it.
God’s chosen leader shouldn’t complain, he got God

Kenya on Wednesday hit a record high in fuel prices in line with the new government policy to remove subsidies on petroleum fuels.

In the latest monthly review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra), Super Petrol is up by Sh20.18 to retail at Sh179.30 per litre in Nairobi.
Diesel is up by Sh25 to retail at Sh165.00 per litre while Kerosene is up by Sh20 to retail at Sh147.94 per litre.
[li][URL=‘’][SIZE=5]Tough times as Ruto vows to end fuel, food subsidies[/SIZE][/li]Business Sep 13[/URL]
[li][URL=‘’][SIZE=5]Inflation hits five-year high of 8.5pc[/SIZE][/li]Business Aug 31[/URL]
The prices will be in force from September 15 to October 14, 2022.

Epra said that although the subsidy for Super Petrol had been removed, a subsidy of Sh20.82/litre and Sh26.25/litre had been retained for Diesel and Kerosene respectively in order to cushion consumers from the high prices.
The prices are inclusive of the 8 per cent Value Added tax in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2018, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020 and the revised rates for excise duty for inflation as per Legal Notice No.194 of 2020.
During his inauguration President William Ruto hinted that he would do away with subsidies on fuel and food, arguing that they are a huge burden to the exchequer and often lead to product shortages.
The Head of State said subsidy interventions by the outgoing administration have not borne fruit, and that his administration would focus on enhancing production to increase the supply of commodities, especially agricultural products, to naturally lower prices.
“On fuel subsidy alone, taxpayers have spent Sh144 billion, including Sh60 billion in the last four months alone. If the subsidy continues to the end of the financial year, it will cost taxpayers Sh280 billion, equivalent to the entire national government development budget,” said President Ruto.


Awke ya unga , atuambie how many shopkeepers were excluded ?

Tunangonjea bei mpya ya Unga kesho Wadau.

Rachel Ruto hosts Zimbabwean pastor who prophesied William Ruto’s victory [=AT1Zd0heuOm56MghbU20FrJ8dM099xtSCc42VrFbeWqOWH-8PD4ykPg6EWHnJShUj-vkv6_P19wyC6pSGMvcgDjuBqC5hTh7Nem4qPq1yOcxR7DbSHUm09przQN3_QVpxZEAnRD6808k_DCPZ80vY3gdVg6dOosMqTq8ZttMR0zzDikrGGpejqnMnYkHVQPk-jlLYsuGzhl5xwc’]]('[0)

Rachel Ruto hosts Zimbabwean pastor who prophesied William Ruto’s victory

ushenzi imeanza

Niko ma ma boy wangu wakale…sijui kwenye walipata pass ya kuingia Rutos inauguration kule state house dinner. Time for wakale kunukisha kitunguu saumu

Huyu mujamaa alijaribu kuruka line saa ya election ati juu ni ‘mhesh’ , wananchi walimzushia mpaka akakula humble pie akapiga line. Nilijazika sana.

Pengine ni wakora kama akina Kevin Obia.


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Babylon , the system on which the economy is built on, shall one day collapse in less than 2 hours according to Rev 18 ,
najua believers wamelala wakingoja ku omoka …
meanwhile let me enjoy some slow reggae music

Babylon’s burning … but there’s no water …

Serikali haiwezi pea nyinyi unga. Inafaa mkae njaa ndio mkikutana Subrim Goat mukose nguvu ya kung’oa reli.

Wacha wafinye hiyo Ojinga.

Fixed price inabaki fixed

Suafeee elder weka stealing in the name of the lord by msito max Romeo

Aliambiwa watu wa muchatha wata paka carpet matope ! Na soda niza watu wa Nairobi pekee !

cleanse thy cochlea

Wadau, continue chasing that bag so that you can do all things through money which strengthens you.
Eldoret businessman Collins Chepkuley has taken on critics who faulted him for misusing the police after they escorted him to an airport.
The businessman, also referred to as Generali, said his life is important; thus, he needs enough security when out and about.

Controversial Eldoret businessman Collins Chepkuley alias Generali caused a stir after arriving at Eldoret International Airport (EIA) escorted by a police car. In a video that has been circulating on Facebook, the youthful businessman is seen arriving at EIA in his Toyota Landcruiser V8 Engine car closely behind a police car with a siren, raising eyebrows. The scene got even more interesting after hawk-eyed security personnel hopped out of his vehicle and quickly opened the doors for Chepkuley.

According to the youthful businessman, the escort was essential for him based on what he does in society and his public status.

“I deserve an escort because I love myself and that is the life I want to live,” he said. Chepkuley disclosed that his driver and most of his security personnel would travel by road to join him in Nairobi and Mombasa, respectively. His entry at the airport was a replica of his movement in Nandi county on Tuesday, September 21, where he was also captured in a convoy led by a police chase car.



Former World Under-18 champion over 3,000 meters, Lilian Kasait on Wednesday became the latest Kenyan to be banned for violating doping rules.
World Athletics’ Athletes Integrity Unit (AIU) disclosed that they have banned the 2017 World Cross Country bronze medalist for a period of 10 months starting April this year.

The Olympic athlete who finished 12th in the 5,000 meters final at last year’s Tokyo Games - was found to have used the hormone therapy drug Letrozole.

“It resulted in an adverse analytical finding for Letrozole, which is prohibited at all times, which was potential anti-doping rule violations (ADRVS) pursuant to Rule 2.1 and Rule 2.2 of the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules (ADR)," said AIU who notified the athlete of the violation on February 16 this year.
The former All African Games and national champion’s suspension will run from April 2022 to February 2023 because of the fact that she admitted her guilt.

“Taking into consideration how promptly the athlete admitted the anti-doping rule violations upon notification… the parties agree that the period of ineligibility shall be backdated,” the Athletics Integrity Unit said in a statement Kasait now joins a long list of close to 20 Kenyan athletes who have been banned or suspended for various doping offenses this year.
This year, 2019 Boston and Chicago Marathon champion Lawrence Cherono was kicked out of Oregon before the men’s marathon after failing a dope test.

Marathoners Philemon Kacheran, Stella Barsosio, Purity Changwony, and 1,500 meters athlete Kumari Taki were also hounded out of the Commonwealth Games for the same reasons.

[SIZE=7]Life of Ruto’s Financier Behind Coast’s Biggest Mall[/SIZE]
[li]By DERRICK OKUBASU on 10 March 2022 - 3:25 pm[/li][/ul]

David Langat has been at the intersection of politics and business, splitting his time between strategizing for Deputy President William Ruto and naturing his multi-billion businesses.

Ruto, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, another delegate, David Langat, and President Yoweri Museveni in Uganda on June 7, 2021.

In July 2021, Langat, a reclusive tycoon, made headlines after he was spotted accompanying the DP for a private business engagement in Uganda. Ruto was slated to lay the foundation stone for a Biological Drugs and mRNA vaccine manufacturing facility in Matuga, Uganda alongside President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

At the time, the duo had seemingly made up after an earlier 2-year fallout that saw Langat part ways with the DP in 2019 and join Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) headed by former Bomet Governor, Isaac Ruto.

When he first joined DP Ruto’s camp in 2007, he played an integral role in the DP’s circle and even campaigned alongside other tycoons including Joshua Kulei and Zedekiah Bundotich Kiprop, alias Buzeki.
Billionaire Businessman David Langat.

To amass the wealth, Langat had his start in business more than three decades ago when he set up his company, the ubiquitous DL Group, in the mid-1980s with a vision of building it into one of Africa’s best Group of Companies, a feat he has since achieved.

According to the company’s profile, one of the earliest business ventures of the DL Group involved the export and import of commodities like electronics and furniture.

"The DL Group grew from its humble beginnings in the coastal city of Mombasa and expanded into the tea production sector through the DL Koisagat Tea Estate in Nandi County in the Great Rift Valley.

“This gave it a stronghold in the tea sector, from which it has since been able to expand into Tanzania where it is now the leading Tea producer,” reads the statement on its website.

At the Coast, where the company was started, it owns Nyali Super Centre, arguably Mombasa’s largest mall. Langat also owns Sunrise Resort and other prime real estate projects at the coast.

Nyali Center has a built-up area of over 330,000 square feet offering office spaces, shops, supermarkets, restaurants and showrooms.

The mall, a five-storey building, stands on a 6.7acre piece of land at the heart of the commercial hub of New Nyali Mombasa.

Nyali Center in Mombasa.

Outside the Coastal region, the tycoon is also known for some of the high-ranking investment portfolio including a Ksh200 billion industrial park investment in Eldoret Town.

Christened Africa Economic Zones (AEZ) Pearl River Industrial Park, the establishment occupies a 700-acre parcel of land and is the first privately owned special economic zone (SEZ).

Lagat explained that he embarked on the project in order to help farmers in Uasin Gishu County earn more from their produce.

“I have travelled quite a lot in terms of doing business in different countries and have been inspired by the development in other countries. I felt that as a country, we lag behind in industrialisation, and that was when the idea was conceived.

“The best thing I did was to buy land and my main idea then was to do the normal industrial work. My focus was agro-processing," he stated in a past interview.

The tycoon owns Koisagat Tea Estate in Nandi County, Kapchepet Tea Factory in Kericho County and runs Selenkei Investments Ltd, a company that generates electricity from solar energy.

For his entrepreneurial skills, he was named as Mombasa County’s best business leader by The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Mombasa brand in 2016.