The Kabete Chronicles

It’s the new world order for corrupt morals. Happened to me too with cute teller working for ecobank. Chased her for 3 months only to bounce with shock.

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reminds me of a mheshimiwa client wetu who ended up in the wrong funeral. the area chief rescued him with a whisper when he was extolling the virtues of the wrong departed…


This is too funnny…aki umenifanya nicheke mara ya kwanza leo

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welcome hun, yeah, isht happens.

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Hekaya’s with structure, suspense and a shocker right at the climax are works of art equal to @introvert’s witty 'toons.

I felt deeply sorry for this fisi.

Awesome read…Just too good!

If this is a real life story bruh… Ladies most of the times don mean wht they say… U should have asssumed u never heard wht she said regarding men… N continued to have a steamy nyt with her. Consider how chicks kataa to remove their panties screaming they never wanted to have sex wt u yet ni yye alijipeleka bed kimpango…