The joke that is the Kenyan media!

The Kenyan media is a serious joke. You mean they cannot count the form 34As accurately given the resources at their disposal? So what was the purpose of setting up and hyping their tallying centers and three days after the election they still cannot add the final tally? Meffi sana!

I think they already know, they just don’t want to disturb the Peace.

Maybe yes but they should stick to their role as the fourth estate. They have a moral obligation to Kenyans and should be bold when executing their mandate.

Just Imagine the Drama, if all Media House tallies varied, and God forbid they have conflicting Results.

as in there are still people waiting on dipstet?!:eek::oops:

Deep state is very real. Ruto had this thing in the bag but they cannot allow.

Show us the proof

I vividly remember watching the 1998 bomb blast on KTN. They were broadcasting a CNN live feed. Even though I was a keypee, I felt it was wrong. I asked my mother a series of questions:
Si bomb blast imefanyika Nairobi?
KTN pia iko Nairobi?
Na CNN ni ya USA?
Mbona KTN wanategemea CNN kutangaza kitu inafanyika Nairobi?

24 years later, nothing has changed. I have to depend on a beberu media station for an objective analysis of the Kenyan General election. Githeri media ni meffi sana. I can’t stress that enough.

Hata the Americans don’t have “a chebukati” equivalent to announce the winner. The job is done by the likes of CNN, Fox ,CNBC etc …verification is much later at the state level ,then at the senate… The document dump by IEBC was genius because it has prevented the (somewhat biased) media houses from being the source of misinformation.

But the results are in the portal…its not like they are fetching the results themselves

Just let it be. Chebukati, will introduce the President-Elect Kesho.
For know let’s just chill, alot of Celebration and tears await the winners and losers.

True…mpaka people are now quoting Reuters and the event is happening in Kenya…bure kabisa! When reporting about slay queens and clout chasers they are never late

Kenyan media ni meffi ya doggy ambayo ilikufa last year

Lets wait but the damage has already been done. In this era of social media and fake news, they should have been well prepared if indeed they wanted to tally the results. Whoever wins, there will always be an aura that the election was stolen just like when trump lost. The media has stoked the flames and then abruptly let everyone hanging!

They don’t really care, to them it’s just about Selling News, news, and more news.
Am sure some of them want chaos, so that they can get Jobs in International media Houses.

:D:Dkeep your hopes up. as long as emotions are managed once faced with reality

How these people (more-over professionals) can arrive at different results from the same source beats me!

There’s so much negative perception caused by them since official campaigns began.

This is how Uhuru has lied to Baba all this years. By the time Chebukati is done with Raila mtachukia Uhuru for the rest of your lives for taking your leader for a fool.

I fear Kenyans will never trust the media again after this is all over.

I think they deserve the infamous trump term “fake news”