The Irony of Mt. Kenya Brainwashing

William Ruto is one of the suspects who coordinated the Kiamba Massacre, yet you will hear Kikuyus saying “siwezi patia RaiRr. Huyo atatumaliza”.

Just when you think it could get worse, Rigathe Gachagua is nominated as Ruto’s DP.

This was the same man who was the DO in Molo when Kikuyus were killed in Rift Valley in 1992. He collaborated with the enemy to kill his fellow tribesman just to save his skin and get a promotion in Moi’s government.

Lakini saa hizi ameoga akakuwa msafi kama pamba.

Now these are the two people who have the mountain’s interest at heart. What a joke!!!


Kuna jamaa flani atakuja kuspam Hapa akisema raira. staki kumtaja ju atakuja na makasiriko aanze kuniquote. But those two thugs deserve to be shot on the first sight.

That man said Kikuyus’ memories are worse than those of warthogs. I agree

Only retarded Kikuyus will vote for Ruto. Unfortunately, the last time nilikuwa ocha huko wako UDA and I couldn’t believe the level of stupidity I witnessed. Na ujue some IDPs from 07/08 were settled in Nyandarua. To be honest, Wakikuyu wenye wanapigia jambazi kura ni kumbafu tuu. By the way, I don’t mean that Azimio is clean either, but its obviously the better choice.


kakabrathe gawanya nasi hizo doh umelipwa na uhunye ili tukusaidie kusukuma hii fitna mbele

The sad truth is that Ruto appeals to the low-educated Kikuyus or those who are not too exposed. Yaani wale hawajui kujifikiria kwanza wale wa ushago ndani kabisa.

Some people in ushago are only supporting Ruto because other people in the village are supporting Ruto. That “herd mentality” behavior.

Gideon Moi ako azimio endeni mkalilie kuhusu 1992 na 1997 clashes baba yake ndiyo alidhimisha. Mkimaliza mkumbuke no raila no peace was the mantra in 2007.

Its about voting for the lesser evil here and Azimio is the lesser evil.

1992-1997, luos in naivasha murders in 2007 hao waliuliwa walikuwa panya lakini kiambaa pekee ndiyo walikuwa watu?

sasa mkiongea ii upuzi yote itawasaidia aje? nani amemnyima raila kubrain wash supporters wake kwa mlima? mlikosa kujipanga, tulieni mpangwe.

Anyone who still thinks the Kiambaa narrative, or Molo, or whatever can still sell is either a low IQ bonobo or a middle class kid with zero understanding of the Kenyan politics.

There is nothing like brainwashing. A majority of Kikuyus are smart enough to know what is right for them. They also know the history more that most of you dimwits assume. They also know what they want for their future.

To conclude, Ruto will be president. You can take that to the bank. Gachagua, Moi’s blue eyed boy, will be the deputy president. In Kenyan politics, everything happen like a scripted movie.

Kijana, let reality sink in polepole bila kurusha mateke. Stop insulting a 95% of the community; since that’s the figure that will vote for Ruto.

All your Kikuyu leaders, except for a few, are in UDA/Kenya Kwanza. Are they equally less exposed? Uko na ujinga boss.

We didn’t get this stories in 2013 and twice in 2017.

On raila’s side uhuru is there and I believe he is using raila like a puppet,he plan to access country’s power even after stepping down. Raila is gonna be president but will be uhuru’s bitch. Ruto and gachagua is a dangerous duo of power thirsty, reckless killers and corrupt mofos. The kalenjin can easily be used to spill blood and luos well you know them guy. This election is gonna be a shitshow.

Don’t depend on kikuyu vote 100% priss.
Voter apathy levels are at the peak. Remember recent mass voter registration?
Anyway tusiweke siasa kwa roho Wadau. I suggest tuiweke kwa mcagary ndio in case of any disappointment unatafuta 150 kaa @cortedivoire ama unacheza kaa @Mnyonga MONKEY hio story inaisha…

An African president can’t be controlled by an ex president …check recent history in Angola, Botswana, Nigeria, Zambia and even DRC. They change immediately after getting power

As long as Raila has no intact votes in Western, Ukambani and Coast, you better prepare yourselves for Ruto’s presidency.

Tupatane kwa debe Mdau

The biggest mistake ruto made is heavily relying for votes from Mt. Kenya. That is the beginning of his downfall.