The Irony Of KTalk Perverts

I see men here bashing and demeaning whores whose pictures are posted here, or who are found in different bars that they visit from time to time, but I see them openly defending granny whore, Jane Njenga.

Now, I wonder, between these younger whores whom they condemn, and granny whore, Jane Njenga, who is uglier?

Hahahaaa…They prefer that ugly old rag.

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Is Jane your mother, you keep talking about her every time. If so, kindly fuck her wrinkled mkia quietly and then ask her why she gave birth to such a demented fool.


Hapo elder umenena

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the only talker who creates threads to reply to a thread, instead of replying to the active thread is @M2Random random aka @Gaines so @Integrity = @gaines .

@gaines is a known active bottom homosexual


Wapi huyo Jane njenga nione vile anafanana?!! Najua @digi hawezi kosa kwa hio squad, anapenda wamama Waze sana!!

Nilikwambia unakaa mjinga


Maybe huyo Jane is an experienced Kunguru. Experience trumps everything, including beauty.

But you wouldn’t know as you enjoy watching your mum bathing naked.


Wadau we are watching Canadian Grand Prix priss.
Tulieni kidogo

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tunawoch France V Canada

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Wacha tu, not worth the time.