The internet penetration rate in this county is too damn high

Si mlisema wasiende Saudi.

Ni kazi hawana, but anyway pia yenye wanafanya ni kazi wakitafuta customers kama wewe

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:smiley: how girls mind work is very strange, they equates their sexuality to monetary gain. They are like a man should pay to see my nudity, to see me having sex and to have sex with me. This is very weird


Mbona wote wamechapa?

It’s an online brothel, not a beauty contest arena. Maswali zingine jiekee kwa mfuko.


usijidharau wewe kama mwanaume unaweza fanya kazi ngumu upate pesa, wao hawana hio fikira.


The pussy supply in Kenya is growing rapidly.

kwani koalification ya female wa Kenya huko lazima akuwe sura kiatu ama sagged breasts ama mifupa . takataka

The pretty ones have new boyfriends every weekend, as long as they have a face and any job in tao it’s game over.

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Sura kiatu ni ngumu for them to land wealthy men. That’s why wamejazana hapo because it’s easy to forget them

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Wangapi crew hawana noma na hio maneno :D:D

hii ni site gani


Yep. kwasababu zile sura mzuri na firm breasts are a foreboarding deterent maliarbility

Bladfakin, if they are selling their bodies online then there business is anchored on retaining viewers. To do this, they have to be appealing.

nipatie link nione kama bibi yangu ako hapo

Has to be stripchat or Chaturbate. Use a VPN, most Kenyan accounts restrict Kenyan viewers.

nipe link ya vpn ni download