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Many believe an Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital has led to the death of more than 500 Palestinians. Netanyahu’s office’s posted these tweets on Monday afternoon, they were later deleted on Tuesday when reports of a hospital explosion in Gaza began to emerge.


Two tweets by
Israeli authorities. Both deleted after the al-Ahli hospital in Gaza
City was bombed.

Boris van der Spek (@BorisvanderSpek) October
17, 2023



An Explosion
earlier today at Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist Hospital in the Northern Gaza
Strip is now reported to have Killed over 500 Palestinians and Aid
Workers who were seeking Shelter there from the ongoing War between
Israel and Hamas; Palestinian Sources are continuing to claim…

OSINTdefender (@sentdefender) October
17, 2023


The Israeli’s have attempted to deflect attention by claiming reports of a missile strike on the Gaza hospital are unverified pieces of disinformation from an illegal terror group. The Israelis also engaged in some deflection projection by posting this;

The Palestinians
are falsely claiming Israel targeted a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The thing is, they’re the ones who have a habit of
launching missiles at hospitals packed with innocent civilians.

:camera_flash: This is from a rocket launch on a maternity ward
in an Israeli hospital.

Israel ישראל :israel: (@Israel) October
17, 2023


The problem with the Israelites’ narrative is nobody’s falling for their crap.

:israel::palestinian_territories: PROOF
that Israel BOMBED the Gaza Hospital:

Listen for
- 1st clip is the sound of a tiny Hamas
- 2nd clip is the sound of a JDAM Bomb
- 3rd
clip is the sound of what hit the Gaza Hospital

it was a JDAM, it was 100% Israel.

Jackson Hinkle :us: (@jacksonhinklle) October
17, 2023


For now it’s unclear who’s responsible for the explosion at Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist Hospital in Gaza but smart money is on the Israeli’s.


When will enough
be enough? Shame to leaders of Arab countries. Shame to EU and United
States! :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

A.W. Khalwale (@I_am_Khalwale) October
17, 2023


Eat humble pie :laughing:

It was an own goal

Israel is fairing poorly on the PR front.