The Information Wars




The Reality :D:D


Na NATO generals mumelipua wangapi this time?

Mara hii zio nato generals. It was a bunker holding uranium amunition. Gama radiation spikes off the charts




Noted. Next time ningeomba walipue NATO generals kadhaa ndio angalau nipandishwe cheo

Itabidi ungoje kiasi. Kuna kijana ya mzee imetegea hii kiti mahali

NATO fossils thought waki block Russian media ppl will never know the other side of the news. They thought tutategemea CNN, Fox, BBC pekee which are biased showing only Ukraine.

I read such high IQ shit ndio maana sina time ya low IQ NAFO garbage like you Screenshot_20230516_200146.jpg

Right. If you can’t trust some fat criminal who lives in New Zealand to bring you the real news about Ukraine, who can you really trust?

The math is not mathing :smiley: :smiley:

The same way we can’t trust American MSM journalists who receive talking points from the CIA. Remember how these ppl propagandized the West into supporting Iraq invasion to find the mythical WMDs?

Ambieni mzito Zelenski arudi nyumbani and take charge. He’s been on an unending European tour since the Kremlin drone incident

I see. So you looked at the news landscape and you found that it was either the MSM or a convicted criminal all the way in New Zealand?

Never depend on one or the other. Look at all of them and make your own decision. All of them have their agendas.

You didn’t address my 2 points:

  1. Why are you taking the word of a convicted criminal
  2. How can someone in New Zealand accurately report on what is going on in Ukraine
  1. So to you someone hosting pirated movies is a hardcore criminal like Osama Bin Laden:D
  2. How can a CNN reporter who is on a safe side of Ukraine accurately report which side is winning?

Criminal ni criminal tu.
Halafu kumbe sio lazima mtu akuwe kwa ground? So hata mimi nikitoa updates, you’ll consider them valid?

Criminal doesn’t mean he is a liar. Crime yake ilikuwa ku host pirated movies not conning ppl. Yes I will listen to it together with other sources. BBC journalists pia hawakuangi kila mahali waki report news. For example saa hii hawako Russia but they report kile wameskia.