The kenyan doctor, is the national grim reaper… you go to him with malaria …“this requires an xray and scan go that scanning lab on the groundfloor and tell him its me who has sent you”

once you come back with the results…

"this doesnt look good… however it can be helped, just not here. I know of a good hospital in india who have helped many of my patients. Infact the owner Doctor Svrikumanuka is my good friend’

The Kenyan Doctor is a fraud.

The kenyan doctor believes he shouldnt die… he is a doctor, you aint …you are worth much less to the society… you should be pulled off those machines and i be placed… and heavens! the mungu si athumani …they still die while in those machines

The kenyan doctor thinks his is the most needed and most important service to the nation… heck the rest of us should just leave our work since it is useless…

The Kenyan doctor perennially cries about wages… with no requirement on the output… "do you have 200k before we admit you even if you are loosing buckets of blood and your heart is thumping lightly like a coakroach step’

The rest of us owe them no salaries… Kenyan doctors are the most drunk of all professions in this country… the most promiscous …the most useless and financially uneducated of the masses …kwa plot they wanna own the parking lot “unajua i am a doctor and i can be called to duty any time. I am always on call.” …neeedless to say the only call that gonna get him out is a hoe he just found on tinder, tagged et cetera.

Dear Kenyan doctor, it is not our responsibility kukulipia malaya

The Kenyan doctor works in the hospital alone… no other profession. They want PPEs and bigger salaries, for themselves… but aint nurses the ones who mostly interact with patients?

I spit in my mouth whenever i think of a Kenyan doctor… misdiagnosis in the '90s has resulted in a close family member to be chronically ill since the 2000s …These are useless mofos

You think I am just bitter for nothing… consider this down here:


Potelea mbali. Don’t confuse docs and hospitals.

I don’t have any respect for Kenyan doctors. They are paid extremely more money compared to other hospital workers, yet they are always crying to be given free PPE’s, vitu wanaeza jinunulia.

They put money first, and never raise their voices when hospital administrators sell public medicine to private clinics.

Those in private practice hold more title deeds than platinum credit and other parasitic lenders of capital, which they take from desperate patients

How many hours do they “put in” for the fat salaries they are paid to work in public hospitals?
Who actually interacts more with patients? The nurse or the doctor?
Yet the Docs only fight for themselves…
As a number of them “BURY” THEIR MISTAKES…

You have to appreciate the effort needed to qualify to be a medical doctor all those years studying hapana mchezo.
Many of us if not all in ktalk can never qualify to be medical doctors even when they reincarnate 10 times.

You have to appreciate the effort needed to qualify to be a medical doctor all those years studying hapana mchezo.
Many of us if not all in ktalk can never qualify to be medical doctor even when they reincarnate 10 times.

Without that standard 2 teacher with a basic teaching education, that doctor wouldn’t exist. Don’t ever anoint one profession over everything else.

Medicine is all about cramming things which have been there since 1500’s, and learning through experience. Majority of medical doctors in kenya are C+ people from UoN and Kampala, and university of Khartoum. Anyone with C+ can become a medical doctor.

Watu hufikiria medicine ni ya watu sharp sababu JAB huchukua watu kidogo wenye wamepata A, but izo nafasi zengine zote borake uko na C+ na unaweza lipa fee ni ivo.

Hakuna kitu ngumu na medicine. wasichana wa village yetu wote wakimaliza form four huwa tunawajazia form za kmtc wanaenda kuwa Clinical officers, na hakuna mwenye ashai fail kugraduate. Na kwetu ni huko ocha ndani kwenye best students huwa na C+

Many are called but few are chosen.

From where? It’s virtually impossible to buy medical grade PPE from the streets when we have a global shortage of them.
Moreover even teachers are paid more if they are university graduates v. Kttc diploma holders. That’s just how it is, more education=more money.

Their colleagues at Afya house and inside the system are the ones sabotaging them. They are their own enemies. We have senior doctors in Kenya… yet they never speak. Dr. Lukoye Atwoli used to speak while at Moi university. He used to tell the university administration the truth, he is a young man less than 45 years. Wenzake wako wapi? Wazee kama Magoha na wenzake hawaongei.

The fuckers need to get off their high horses.

that was very wrong of the govt, it costs the govt over ten million kshs to make a doctor so its shooting themselves in the head. doctors should be put on a pedestal

Doctors refused to treat their own and he died.Its also a wake up call to them.

Listen here you dimwits. ICU fee of ksh 200k is set by board of directors. Unless your dad owns fakkin KU Hospital, you will not change the ICU admission rates just because your aunt got sick and you want her in. Doctors get charged like any other fakker out there for the services they provide. You think you just walk into a hospital and pull a guy off a vent to put in your friend? Wtf is wrong with you retards?! Do you even own a vent so you can shoot off your mouths like that? TF?!

wewe umeona wapi nimetaja icu admission fee?

reply posts moja moja, hoja kwa hoja.

“You think you just walk into a hospital and pull a guy off a vent to put in your friend?”

i have very reliable info that this happened in two of the doctor deaths… I am not a mad man, i dont do empty talk

On this post one knows that most people here are kids or academic dwarfs. Ni wonder this country is not progressing, fwakin D material all round

Si uende ucram we call you a doctor. Fwakin dimwit who can even apply pythagora theorem

Truth is, we have better professions in this country… good engineeers, good bio-scientists, good accountants, …but stupid hot air doctors. Dimwits. Hawajui kitu. Mistake makers. Destroyers of lives. walevi na malaya