The Incredible Jamie Vardy

Fastofoo, you ghaseers know I’m not a football fan. I only follow the careers of outstanding sports personalities. Jamie Vardy’s story is quite remarkable. He’s currently 35 years old. Leicester City got promotion to the EPL in 2014, meaning he was around 27 or 28 years. At that age, most pro footballers’ are starting to contemplate retirement. For Vardy, that’s when he found his form. After scoring only 5 goals in their first season in the EPL, he managed 24 the next season when Leicester won the league against all odds.

Even after this outstanding performance, Vardy was dismissed as a one-season-wonder. Since then, he’s proved his critics wrong by consistently being among the premier league’s top scorers. Vardy is one of only 32 players who’ve scored 100 goals or more in the Premier League since its inception in 1992. Every other player on that list was always destined for the premier league, Vardy must be the only one who has played in the lower leagues.

He scored 23 Premier League goals in 2019/20 to win the Golden Boot award for the first time. At 33 years, he became the oldest player in Premier League history to win the prize. At number 14 with 127 goals, he can end his career as a Top 10 scorer if he maintains his form for at least two more years. These are incredible statistics banae. It kind of makes you wonder how many other talented players are stuck in the lower leagues while premier league clubs scramble to buy overpriced foreigners.

England hapana tambua vardy banae.
They always leave him out

Ati premier league scramble to buy overpriced foreigners? I don’t know what to make of that statement esp since its coming from a Kenyan who himself is a foreigner to the Premier league

His game doesn’t suit England… he thrives on very fast breaks which works for deep lying teams

premier league inception in1992?


Vardy is a case of discipline.

Alikuwa wale jamaa wa mtaani, ulevi mingi after game. He was also semi-pro because /due of this attitude.
When he decided kuwa displined kiasi and changing clubs, the stars aligned for him.