The importance of taking CPR classes.

Cpr classes should be compulsory in all our learing institutions…

We are 50M kenyans. overpopulation ,joblessness and traffic jam…ukiona mtu ameshikwa na cardiac arrest let him/her die in peace

Why should it be compulsory? [SIZE=4]Where is it compulsory in the world? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]That last statement the guy made when he says that ‘the worst thing you can do is nothing’ isn’t 100% correct. The worst thing you can do is try to practice what you learnt and break in someone’s ribcage or pass an infection giving mouth to mouth.[/SIZE]

The worst thing you can do is try to practice what you learnt and break in someone’s ribcage or pass an infection giving mouth to mouth.

Atleast have basic training to avoid causing more damage… This country has no Emergency system we is on our own the least they could do is integrate basic first aid training in our curriculum.

If you say they should set up sessions accessible to adults like first world countries set up things such as support groups or the like, that might make sense. It should be OPTIONAL and not something which the govt sinks an incredible amount of money or resources into.

I think we have a very long list of alot more pressing things that need to be part of the curriculum with finances and resources being allocated to them instead of CPR.

Basic first aid is something we all get to have a go at even in primary school and it should stay that way. But making it compulsory is just creating a loophole for more corrupt people to feed off.

There are things the average Kenyan needs to be educated on more than they need CPR e.g personal financial management. Things which will be used DAILY and will actually improve lives.

:D:D:D:D:D ukweli kabisa mnaconfuse mungu , akiamua kuchukua watu wake wengine wanangangana kumrudisha .

Yes these are necessary skills for everyone to learn. In fact I would go further and add that swimming skills should also be made compulsory from a young age. The recent Likoni incident has shown why such skills are important and necessary. Drop everything, release seatbelt, open doors or windows, leave the car and swim… survive!

And one doesn’t need classes for some of the basic stuff like CPR, youtube is enough. That video above is good enough : 30 chest compressions followed by two strong breaths into mouth. Tosha!

What else? That man has explained it all very well.

First aid should be part of basic curriculum in Secondary education.

Primary school you mean. First aid is used everywhere in the home and sorroundings.

I believe St. John’s used to make a point to visit every public PRIMARY school back in the day and teach a few moves to the entire school then?

Any PRIMARY school which has scouts and girl guides also has sessions on first aid even for the rest of the students, yes?

Secondary school is a bit too late especially considering most kids are already doing activities such as cooking or working in conditions which put them in harm’s way.

CPR is a whole different story all together.

There was some first aid chapters in Home Science subject if you are a fossil like me. How to treat poisoning, snake bites, epilepsy, cuts, broken bones, unnanouced and uninvited erections, burns by dry heat, burns by steam, stings, nose bleeds etc etc
I agree that standard 5 is old enough to teach first aid.

Madam how is pumping a person’s chest 30 times a complicated procedure? :smiley:

Kufinya tu na mkono and blowing into a mouth, how is that a whole different story altogether?

When I was a kid I could birth a cow! This is exactly why we us Africans can’t build our own railways or highways because everything to an African is very complex needing decades of study. :smiley:

We complicate everything. Meanwhile in the developed countries a 10 year old can do first aid, CPR, can swim, can handle a rifle in times of emergency, can fix a computer… and can even program. By 18 he has started facebook.

You’ve answered your own question.

Also, if its that easy, then i guess it doesnt need to be taught.